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I've tried everything to make the image show up on my GitHub pages site but nothing is working and now I'm just fed up and will be very grateful if someone can help me fix this simple but annoying issue.


<div><img src="assets/coffee.JPG" alt="coffee"></div>               

Directory structure of image:

Directory structure of html:

It just shows up as the standard icon for broken images with the alt tag.

There are a couple of things that may be wrong.

  1. Possibly uncapitalising the file extension so it is .jpg instead of .JPG could fix the problem.

  2. Maybe it is showing up but is really small. Try adding a fixed width and height to it and see if that helps.

Broken images - GitHub Pages, I am using VS code and when I launch the live server the images are showing fine. folder up one directory from /portfolio/ – it refers to the root of your github pages I'm not sure what the result would be on your live server, but you can open  For more information, see "Supported themes" on the GitHub Pages site and "Adding a theme to your GitHub Pages site with the theme chooser." To use any other open source Jekyll theme hosted on GitHub, you can add the theme manually. For more information, see themes hosted on GitHub and "Adding a theme to your GitHub Pages site using Jekyll."

As Github Pages uses jekyll to generate your site, any underscored folder like _layout will not be copied during generations. So none of your assets will be available. See documentation.

Copy your _layouts/assets folder to your root ( --> and verify that you call your assets with the proper case.

[Solved] Images not displaying in GitHub Pages?, Images show up locally but not on GitHub Pages. Here's how to fix Images not displaying in GitHub Pages problem after deploying a website using GitHub  Navigate to the image folder and right-click to get the image link go to your README file and paste the link By doing this GitHub will generate automatically the perfect width to fit your page.

There can be several reasons for the images not showing up

  1. The image SRC which is being formed could be wrong, so please paste the URL in a new tab and check if the image is opening.
  2. The file extension of the image could be wrong spelling, as I can see that you have written.JPG in code but your image is in .jpg format

I personaly try to test the URL which is being formed in SRC.

Gh-pages image not showing, my personal portfolio using github pages and gh-pages, it was successfully went through live. but all my images are not showing up. already  When working with GitHub on things like files, it's often helpful to include pictures. Unfortunately, when editing markdown files online, there's no built-in capability to add /img: Typically, this would mean you would need to create an image yourself and commit it into your repository somewhere so you could then reference it.

Image paths can break when deploying to gh-pages · Issue #1757 , img/image.png) test in a local environment -> works fine deploy to gh-pages even though it is showing a fine output in mkdocs serve mode . it helped me setting up a little site about myself (hehe, not the exact usage of a  If images are slow to load or don’t show at all when you search on, try the steps below. After each step, do an image search to see if the issue has been fixed. If the problem is

Images in Markdown not showing when uploaded to Git , What is weird is that I have some wiki pages with ![](img/my-image.png) and the image would show up fine while some with exact code not  Go to Settings → GitHub Pages From Source, select “gh-pages branch” and then Save. If the option isn’t enabled, you likely have not created the branch yet OR you have not pushed the branch from your local machine to the hosted repository on GitHub. After a short while, you’ll see the updated contents on your GitHub Pages site.

missing graphics when hosting on github pages · Issue #44 , I don't know if you made any change, but it looks good to me and all pictures are being displayed correctly. If you are still having problems try to clean the cache or​  That said, if you've done everything right and still the image no way no how ever shows up, you may have a corrupted image file. It's rare, but it happens. One way to tell is to drag and drop the image file onto a browser window. If the browser displays the image, then it's probably OK.