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I'm upgrading my app with widget. It's not the first widget I've done. I was always encountering weird issues, but the widget was shwoing up on the list eventually.

Here is what I've done so far:

  • Created widget_layout.xml
  • Created widget_info.xml
<appwidget-provider xmlns:android=""  
  • Created WidgetProvider class
  • Added widget to manifest in the <application> section (for some reason can't paste manifest fragment here, it's just not showing, see the code here)

Still, can't find widget on the widgets list. I'm debugging the app on real device. I'm using library project, but the widget files but all in the project I run directly. What could be happening here?

Ran across similar issues and this is what happened for me. The below Widget never showed up in the Widget drawer till minResizeHeight was added. Weird, but may be that is required for resizable widget. Could have been more friendly.

<appwidget-provider xmlns:android=""
android:updatePeriodMillis="0" />

Fix: Android App Widgets Not Appearing, How do I get my widgets back on my Android? If the application specifies android:installLocation=”preferExternal” parameter in manifest, App will be installed in external memory and it will not show in the widget list. Also if you have made your phone to install all the apps on sd card, this will also happen.

This kind of issue can happen with 2 scenarios. Both are answered above and this is a complete answer and I have faced both the scenarios and resolved both of them.


If the application specifies android:installLocation="preferExternal" parameter in manifest, App will be installed in external memory and it will not show in the widget list. Also if you have made your phone to install all the apps on sd card, this will also happen.


Go to Settings->Apps->YourApp Then "move to phone". This will move the app to your phone memory and now you can see the widget in your widget list


If the above fix did not solve your issue, then you may have a device with android 4.X.X version.

Then you have to set at least following parameters in widget_info.xml file


android:minHeight="XXXdp" android:minWidth="XXXdp"

How to Add Settings Shortcut Widgets to the Home Screen in Android, It turns out that this is a feature of Android where widgets are blocked for apps that are installed to Select the app that isn't showing up in the widgets list. After the update, i noticed my HD Widget Weather App and some alarms on my home  For those who’ve been following the status of recent issues with Android Auto, here’s the latest update. We are continuously updating this thread and the date marked in the status indicates when the latest update was posted.

The problem was android:installLocation="preferExternal"

It somehow causes problem with widget list if the app is installed on SD

Widgets Not Showing in Add Widget Area, If I restart the device then the widget will show up to add. Another odd thing is I try to add the widget to see what it does and it creates the little Android. If you long press to There should not be a widget listed in the listing to add when an app is uninstalled . Now the initial Android Software Development. To verify that everything has been setup correctly and that your Android device is ready for UE4 development, you can do the following: Open a Windows Command Promptby pressing the Windows + Rkeys to open up the Runcommand dialogue box. Inside of the Openinput, type cmd and the press the OKbutton to open the Windows Command Prompt.

I tried every possible solution and nothing worked for me... And finally I solved it.

In my case the problem was overthinking: I believed that in meta-data tag we need to define a unique name for provider (eg: "com.example.myprovider") as well as link to the xml resource.


      android:resource="@xml/widget_info" />


  android:resource="@xml/widget_info" />

Two Downsides of Android App Widgets, We identified the most disturbing problems with Android app widgets which can spoil user freeze, and the other is when widgets don't show up in the widgets list. To make user experience better, we developed a widget that's basically, It turns out that the widget freezing bug is not only detected when a launcher fails,​  Widgets should not generally extend to screen edges and should not visually be flush with other widgets, so you should add margins on all sides around your widget frame. As of Android 4.0, app widgets are automatically given padding between the widget frame and the app widget's bounding box to provide better alignment with other widgets and

You need to register a BroadcastReceiver in the manifest file. For example:

   android:label="Example Widget"
   android:name="MyWidgetProvider" >
   <intent-filter >
        <action android:name="android.appwidget.action.APPWIDGET_UPDATE" />

      android:resource="@xml/widget_info" />

I borrowed this code from

See the link for a full tutorial

App Widgets Overview, Therefore Android widgets do not show a "Setup" or "Configuration" button. After adding a Play widget to a home panel, the widget asks the user  This is what I discovered to fix it: -Press and hold one of the menu screens. -Go to "Widgets". -Scroll through your widgets to find the weather widget. -Press and hold the weather widget to add it to one of your menu screens. My weather widget was the very last one. So keep scrolling through till you find it.

Android 8.0 Behavior Changes, System and API behavior changes that can affect apps running on the system limits certain behaviors by apps that are not running in the method within five seconds after the service is created. To learn more about changes to app shortcuts, see the Pinning Shortcuts and Widgets feature guide. The CardView widget is part of the v7 Support Libraries. To use it in your project, add the following dependency to your app module's build.gradle file: dependencies { implementation '' } Create Cards. In order to use the CardView you need to add it to your layout file. Use it as a view group to contain

Build an App Widget, Overview · Display paged lists · Load paged data The following sections describe how to set up each of these components. You can design your App Widget using the View objects listed below, but The onUpdate() method will not be called when the App Widget is created (the system will not send the  After updating your phone to the latest and greatest Android OS, however, there are a few settings you should consider changing right away. Settings that will make your phone work for you, not the

Fix sync errors with the Gmail Android app, If your Gmail app isn't syncing automatically, you might notice the following problems: new mail; Can't open or read mail; "Account not synced" error; Gmail app is very slow If your phone or tablet is running out of space, syncing won't work. Uninstall apps you don't use; Delete downloaded files or files you created,  Beginning in Android 3.0, using the SearchView widget as an item in the app bar is the preferred way to provide search in your app. Like with all items in the app bar, you can define the SearchView to show at all times, only when there is room, or as a collapsible action, which displays the SearchView as an icon initially, then takes up the entire app bar as a search field when the user clicks

  • What if it just does not listed in Android 9?
  • I am using resizeMode="none" and it still helped to add minResizeHeight and minResizeWidth.
  • To add to this, if the minHeight and/or minWidth are too large, it will not show up in the widget list. After changing to a smaller res, it will show up
  • this simple code helped a lot and saved me a lot of time. thank you
  • In fact, appwidgets were always incompatible with SD installation. Users don't get any warning from Android, widgets just don't appear in the list
  • I was linking to the widget layout in the android:resource instead of widget info :-LOL
  • This was the culprit for me as well.