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Need to remove whitespace from between two colons. So the output of : test : would be :test:. I got it to detect everything between :: but now I need it to match only the whitespace. This is the regex that matches everything: (?<=\:)(.*?)(?=\:)

Try this

": test :".replace(/: *(.*?) *:/g,":$1:")

let a = ": test :".replace(/: *(.*?) *:/g,":$1:")


Java remove extra white spaces between words in String, Learn to remove extra white spaces between words in a String in Java. and then; replacing sequences of whitespace characters by a single space Using regular expression, to replace 2 or more white spaces with single space, is also string after you have remove extra whitespaces between words in parameter string. You can do it using three whitespace removal modes, each of which is responsible for different symbols. In particular, the first option removes only space characters, and nothing else. The second option removes all space and tab characters, and the third removes all spaces, tabs, newlines, and other types of whitespaces (such as vertical tabs).

Try capturing colon and replace():


var str = `fbflb : vfkvbfkvb : otjtjb : hih igvjyfv ugukgu ugug `

var rgx = /\s*(:)\s*/gi;

var res = str.replace(rgx, '$1');


How to remove all white space from String in Java, White space means blank space including tab characters. One of the classic methods to remove white space from beginning and end of a string in Java is the trim() On the other hand if you want to remove all white spaces from string i.e. white space from beginning, end and Anonymous August 21, 2014 at 2:11 PM. The whitespace characters' group includes several different types of characters, such as line feed, form feed, no-break space, en space, em space, tab, newline, and others. At the moment we provide three filters for better string cleanup. The first one removes only regular space symbols (all other whitespaces remain untouched). The second one deletes only two characters – spaces and tabs.

The following regex will remove all space characters from a string. \s represents any "space" type of character including tabs. the 'g' flag will perform multiple matches.

let text = ': test :'
let textWithoutSpaces = text.replace(/\s/g, '');
// textWithoutSpaces === ':test:'

Regex remove spaces between quotes, I need to be able to remove all whitespace between double quotes. Extract a Visualy compare and find differences between two strings . Here are RegEx which return only the values between quotation marks (as the questioner was  Right click on the column heading ➜ choose Transform ➜ select Trim. Unfortunately, this doesn’t remove any extra spaces between the words and we need to implement a couple Replace Values transformation steps to accomplish this. Right click on the column and select Replace Values from the menu.

Use Replace and capturing group

let str = ': test :'

let op = str.replace(/(:)\s+(.*?)\s+(:)/g, "$1$2$3")
let op1 = str.replace(/:(.*?):/g,':$1:' )


How to remove all white spaces from a String in Java , To remove all white spaces from String, use replaceAll() method of String class with two arguments, i.e. replaceAll("\\s", ""); where \\s is a single space in unicode. If your data set contains superfluous spaces, the Excel TRIM function can help you delete them all in one go - leading, trailing and multiple in-between spaces, except for a single space character between words. A regular TRIM formula is as simple as this: =TRIM (A2) Where A2 is the cell you want to delete spaces from.


var s = " test : test : test";
  s.replace(/:[^:]+:/g, function (m) { return m.replace(/\s+/g, ''); })

Python, By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy. Got it! Given a string, write a Python program to remove all spaces from it. Examples: There are various approaches to remove whitespaces in a string. The first one Approach #2 : Using split() and join(). First we  When you need to remove just the spaces from the data set. Use the single space as remove_char in the formula. Formula =

How do I remove single-character whitespace between words , StringReplace["Is This OK, huh?", {w : Repeated[WhitespaceCharacter, {2, Infinity​}] :> w, WhitespaceCharacter -> ""}] (* IsThisOK, huh? *). Note: If you also want  1) Iterate through all characters of given string, do following a) If current character is a space, then move all subsequent characters one position back and decrease length of the result string. Time complexity of above solution is O(n 2 ).

Python Remove Spaces from String, 2 Python Remove Whitespaces from String using Regex If you want to get rid of all the duplicate whitespaces and newline characters, then you can use join()  Given a string, write a Python program to remove all spaces from it. Examples: Input : g e e k Output : geek Input : Hello World Output : HelloWorld There are various approaches to remove whitespaces in a string.

Remove all whitespace from string, How to remove the blank spaces in a string , Remove Extra Spaces from a String , remove all the space A string is a sequential collection of Unicode characters that is used to represent text. String objects are immutable that is they cannot be changed after they have been created. Replace(oldStr, " {2,}", " ") MessageBox. If you want to remove whitespace only from the end of a string, you should use the rtrim () function in PHP. If you want to remove whitespace from both ends of a string, you should use the trim () function instead of using both ltrim () and rtrim (). These functions will remove the following whitespace characters: " " (an ordinary space)

  • Do you only need to remove the whitespace around the word, or can there be whitespace in the middle that also needs to be removed? Does : word1 word2 : become :word1word2:?
  • @Barmar it really doesn't matter in my context because the there will only be single words.
  • You can improve your regexp in this way: ": test :".replace(/ *: */g,':')
  • @KamilKiełczewski your improvement is more streamlined, but I wanted to show the OP the use of capture groups.
  • yours is removing the colons also