Capybara can't find select box for Semantic-ui

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I use capybara with capybara-webkit and Semantic-ui, but it seams that dropdowns doesn't work out of box, because <select> element is hidden:

# feature_spec.rb
select 'option1', from: 'Options'

$ rspec feature_spec.rb

  Unable to find select box "Options"

Do you have working solutions for this?

I've created this helper:

# for Semantic-ui dropdown
def select_from_dropdown(item_text, options)
  # find dropdown selector
  dropdown = find_field(options[:from], visible: false).first(:xpath,".//..")
  # click on dropdown
  # click on menu item
  dropdown.find(".menu .item", :text => item_text).click

# in spec
select_from_dropdown 'option1', from: 'Options'

I hope it helps :-)

Rare and Unique: 10 Exotic Pets and Where They Are Legal to Own, . This semi-aquatic rodent is legal to own in Texas and Pennsylvania. In fact, a capybara can stay underwater for up to five minutes at a time to hide from predators. It uses those webbed feet (four toes on each front foot and three on each back one) to swim as well as walk. The capybara has something in common with the hippo: its eyes, ears, and nostrils are all found near the top of the animal’s head.

You could also do this:

execute_script('$("#Options").dropdown("set selected", "option1");')

execute_script allows you to run scripts in your tests. It uses the semantic-ui method to select the option that you want from the dropdown.

Pet Capybara FAQs. The Questions People Always Ask , poo is protein rich from the high number of microbes digesting the previous day's meals. Capybara, (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), also called carpincho or water hog, the largest living rodent, a semiaquatic mammal of Central and South America. The capybara is the sole member of the family Hydrochoeridae. It resembles the cavy and guinea pig of the family Caviidae.

After two days of searching and reading, this article was amongst one of a few that was helpful. Hopefully, this can help someone else!

I created a few methods like so, excuse the naming..I changed it.

def some_dropdown(id, text)
  dropdown = find(id).click
  dropdown.first('option', text: text).select_option

def select_form
  within 'content#id' do
    some_dropdown('#id', text)

    click_link_or_button 'Submit'

I also referenced this. Also try waiting, sleep and visible: false

Fun Facts About Cute Animals – Capybara Edition, bite can be very serious as they have razor sharp teeth. Capybaras can survive completely underwater for up to five minutes, an ability they use to evade predators. If necessary, a Capybara can sleep underwater, keeping its nose just above the waterline.

Capybara, can even sleep underwater, with just its nose above water. Capybaras occupy a wide range in Central and South America. They can occupy a wide range of habitats, from open plain to dense rainforest, but they’re never far from water. Spotting one in the Amazon is somewhat difficult. But in seasonally flooded grasslands, like the Pantanal, they’re highly visible.

Capybara, The capybara is basically a giant guinea pig that can grow to up to 140 pounds on a diet of Duration: 3:21 Posted: Sep 11, 2016 The capybara can be tamed. It is a clean and friendly animal, providing that a number of important rules are met. Firstly, you must bear in mind that capybaras live in packs. Only a few males live alone.

Capybaras are cute, even though they eat their own poop, Capybaras can weigh up to 200 pounds. (Image: © Dreamstime). Capybaras are the world's largest rodent. They don't look like the typical pests  Capybaras can stay underwater for up to five minutes at a time, according to the San Diego Zoo. The scientific name for capybara comes from Hydro chaeris, which means "water hog" in Greek. An

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