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I am trying to calculate a new column which contains maximum values for each of several groups. I'm coming from a Stata background so I know the Stata code would be something like this:

by group, sort: egen max = max(odds) 

For example:

data = {'group' : ['A', 'A', 'B','B'],
    'odds' : [85, 75, 60, 65]}

Then I would like it to look like:

    group    odds    max
     A        85      85
     A        75      85
     B        60      65
     B        65      65

Eventually I am trying to form a column that takes 1/(max-min) * odds where max and min are for each group.

Use groupby + transform:

df['max'] = df.groupby('group')['odds'].transform('max')

This is equivalent to the verbose:

maxima = df.groupby('group')['odds'].max()
df['max'] = df['group'].map(maxima)

The transform method aligns the groupby result to the groupby indexer, so no explicit mapping is required.

How to get the maximum values of each group in a Pandas , in a Pandas DataFrame in Python. Getting the maximum values in a grouped pandas.DataFrame displays the highest value of each column in each group. Groupby maximum in pandas python can be accomplished by groupby () function. Groupby maximum of multiple column and single column in pandas is accomplished by multiple ways some among them are groupby () function and aggregate () function. let’s see how to. Groupby single column in pandas – groupby maximum. Groupby multiple columns in pandas – groupby maximum.

df['max'] = x: df.groupby('group_col').odds.max()[x])

pandas.DataFrame.max, axis{index (0), columns (1)}. Axis for the function to be applied on. skipnabool, default True. Exclude NA/null values when computing the result. levelint or level  Get the maximum value of all the column in python pandas: # get the maximum values of all the column in dataframe df.max() This gives the list of all the column names and its maximum value, so the output will be . Get the maximum value of a specific column in pandas: Example 1: # get the maximum value of the column 'Age' df['Age'].max()

Using the approach from jpp above works, but it also gives a "SettingWithCopyWarning". While this may not be an issue, I believe the code below would remove that warning:

df = df.assign(max = df.groupby('group')['odds'].transform('max')).values

Python Pandas add column for row-wise max value of selected , Use this code: >>> frame['HighScore'] = frame[['test1','test2','test3']].max(axis=1). >​>> frame. name test1 test2 test3 HighScore. 0 bill 85 35 51 85. To find the maximum value of a Pandas DataFrame, you can use pandas.DataFrame.max() method. Using max(), you can find the maximum value along an axis: row wise or column wise, or maximum of the entire DataFrame. Example 1: Find Maximum of DataFrame along Columns. In this example, we will calculate the maximum along the columns.

Group By: split-apply-combine, Filling NAs within groups with a value derived from each group. For DataFrame objects, a string indicating a column to be used to group. Calling the standard Python len function on the GroupBy object just returns the As you can see, the result of the aggregation will have the group names as the new index along the  To find maximum value of every column in DataFrame just call the max () member function with DataFrame object without any argument i.e. # Get a series containing maximum value of each column maxValuesObj = dfObj.max () print ('Maximum value in each column : ') print (maxValuesObj) 1 2

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