How do I run an executable using Lua?

How do I run an executable using Lua?

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I have an executable I want to run using Lua ... how do I do this?

Can't seem to find any documentation anywhere about this.

You can use Lua's native 'execute' command.



Sources: Lua Guide / os.execute

How to run an executable from lua?, I am trying to start an executable by lua. Lua function is called in a thread by c#. os.execute starts a .bat file, which is kept at the same location  Use the live demo to play with Lua if you don't want to install anything on your computer. To run Lua programs on your computer, you'll need a standalone Lua interpreter and perhaps some additional Lua libraries. Use your favorite text editor to write your Lua programs. Make sure to save your programs as plain text.

If you need the output of the program, use io.popen

1.4, or simply lua due to its executable) is a small program that allows the direct use of Lua. That feature allows the use of Lua as a script interpreter in Unix systems​. Before it starts running arguments, lua looks for an environment variable  To execute a program that was deployed in INSTALLDIR, use Custom Action > Run Executable > Installed with product, etc. Lua is intended to be pretty simple to use, but if you don't know how, you can check out the programming tutorials on this wiki. For information on Lua, visit www.

Use os.execute.

Calling External Programs, You can use the Lua library luasockets to send/receive data with some The Lua os.execute() function can be used to run an external program from SIMION. os.execute 'start notepad.exe "c:/Program Files/SIMION-8.1/README.html" '. Unzip this somewhere. How to run your script, in order of easiness and inverse order or common procedure: Drag your script onto the Lua.exe using the Windows file Explorer. a. Move your script to the same folder as Lua.exe b. Shift right-click on that folder and select Open Command Window Here. c. Type lua filename.lua and press Enter.

Lua Basics, Download the file tdm64-gcc-5.1.0–2.exe if you are running a 64 bit operating system and save it to the folder you created earlier (This executable  You can also try io.popen which you can use to read/write to the program you're running. – Arun R Aug 30 '13 at 14:30 both os.execute and io.popen run an executable within the same process scope - so it doesnt launch a seperate exe in a separate process from your running one (its expecting you to return from your called exe). – user1363990

[SOLVED] How to execute app from lua? (.exe, etc), For example i want to execute an addon from lua, how to do this? and can even run Windows apps by using the "shell" cmd command, it will  how to iterate individual characters in Lua string? Compiling a java program into an executable ; How to get number of entries in a Lua table? How to make a Python script standalone executable to run without ANY dependency? Lua string to int ; How do I run a.lua script?

Run windows exe from lua - FlyWithLua, There is a function coming with LuaJIT (part of the Lua 5.1 language). But it is untested, I can not guarantee it's working. You may check it out  Well, actually in Lua that’s a trivial tasks. Still I want to show you an alternative before you go there. At least on Linux you can teach Linux to execute compiled LuaJIT bytecode natively.