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I have just installed the latest versions of R (3.1.0) and Rstudio (v0.98.507) on a Windows 7 machine, 64 bit.

The R GUI works OK, but when I open the RStudio.exe only a blank window opens. I've tried re-installing R and RStudio.

Any suggestions?

By choosing the R version I wanted to use I was able to use Rstudio again.

To choose the R version you want to use with Rstudio do the following;

  1. Click the CTRL key (don't let go)
  2. Click on the Rstudio icon
  3. Choose the version you want in the pop-up window.

R studio blank on start up - RStudio IDE, R studio appears as blank screen with unresponsive menu bar upon open. When running diagnostics, it hangs on line "Connected to R session  My OS is Win 7 Home ver 6.1.7601 When I open the Rstudio, I'm greeted with a blank screen with menus which appear to be working. However, I'm unable to open new script or go to global options or utilize other menu options. I've run a diagnostic report and provided the gist below.

Download the 64bit version and reinstall it. The same for Linux

Rstudio opens to a blank white screen - RStudio IDE, I'm trying to install Rstudio for the first time, but it opens to a blank white screen. The menu options are there and I can open the dropdown  We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Press down Ctrl key and then click on RStudio icon to launch. A dialog box asks you about the R version. Choose the one that actually exists (you might see an R version which does not exist; confusing RStudio)

RStudio is blank when opened, Click the CTRL key (don't let go) Click on the Rstudio icon. Choose the version you want in the pop-up window. The menu options are there and I can open the dropdown menus, but most don't seem to work (eg. can't open global options or preferences). I've deleted/reinstalled R and Rstudio several times, as well as trying older versions of R and the preview release of Rstudio.

For linux, this happens to me on cloud instances. A solution is forcing software rendering of RStudio.

sudo nano ~/.config/RStudio/desktop.ini



RStudio Desktop Will Not Start – RStudio Support, successfully starts after removing these files, try to pinpoint which file resulted in the error. I am using R version 3.4.4 on Ubuntu 17.10, even though R works I am unable to start RStudio. Diagnostics report 12 Apr 2018 16:38:58 [rdesktop] ERROR R did not return any output when queried for directory location inf…

rstudio opens with a blank screen · Issue #2755 · rstudio/rstudio , The menu headings (File, Edit, Code, View) are visible but pull down to reveal only blank black rectangles, with no text; no sub-menus open. I  Create an RStudio project, Open that project with RStudio v1.0, Open a few files in that project, Shut down the IDE, Open the project with RStudio v1.1, Try editing one of the open files, Close and re-open RStudio v1.1, Notice that the open document is empty. I think this is because we don't fully migrate to the new format on the first transfer

RStudio (v. 1.2.1335) opens as a hollow/blank window on Windows , RStudio worked perfectly when I last used it the night before this morning. But when I opened it up today there didn't appear to be a window,  Try removing all startup files such as.Rprofile,.Renviron, and.RData from your initial working directory. The R code within these files may be causing an error (see R Code is Not Working). If RStudio successfully starts after removing these files, try to pinpoint which file resulted in the error.

Blank screen when opening RStudio : Rlanguage, Blank screen when opening RStudio. Hello. Recently started learning about R and it's applications but whenever I start RStudio it just shows a blank screen. I renamed directory Users\Geoff\AppData\Local\Rstudio-Desktop to force a new version of directory to be created. Describe problem in detail. Following a crash of R while using RStudio I had to a hard reset, subsequently I find that when opening an RStudio project the script files used are not opened, although the workspace is loaded.

  • did you figure it out? I am in the same boat
  • this worked perfectly well for me. Thanks for the answer.
  • It works, I installed two different version of R, so I think Rstudio doesn't know which one to use.