Can I run multiple versions of Google Chrome on the same machine? (Mac or Windows)

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This fabulous answer suggests there’s no way to run multiple versions of Google Chrome on one machine.

Every now and then you’ll get a website user stuck on an old version of Chrome (no idea how, but it happens — maybe they installed the standalone version?) with an issue, and you need to be able to verify it. Bit difficult to do that without their browser version around.

Does anyone know if there’s actually a way to do this? I.e.

  1. Obtain an installer for an older version of Google Chrome (Google seems to keep very quiet about versions, which is great for users, less great for developers trying to support old versions)
  2. Run two versions of Google Chrome on one machine

We can now Install multiple versions of Chrome simultaniously , How do I install an older version of Chrome on Mac? Google engineers announced on Monday that Chrome users can now run two different versions of Chrome simultaneously, side-by-side. Until this week, this was impossible, as users had to close one

I adopted @RobW's nice answer to get it working on Mac OS X 10.8. Other versions of Mac OS X may probably work too.

The little extra work is actually only needed to keep your original Google Chrome installation and the old version separated.

  1. Download a old version of Google Chrome from

  2. Copy Google to anywhere instead of the /Applications to not override your current Chrome

    (Be sure to replace VERSION for all following steps with the actual version of Chrome you just downloaded)

  3. Rename it to Google Chrome

  4. Move Google Chrome to /Applications (You can surely move it wherever you want but I will refer to the standard location)

  5. Open the Terminal and create a shell script:

    touch /your/favourite/location/
    open /your/favourite/location/
  6. Modify the following code according to the version you downloaded and paste it into the script

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    /Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome --user-data-dir="tmp/Google Chrome/VERSION/"

    (This will store Chrome's data at ~/tmp/Google Chrome/VERSION/. For more explanations see the original answer.)

  7. Go back to your Terminal and enter the following command to make your script executable

    chmod +x /your/favourite/location/
  8. Now execute the script and be happy!


I tested it with Google Chrome 19.x on a Mac running OS X 10.8.5.

Is it possible to run three versions of Google Chrome?, Google Chrome Canary is a bleeding-edge version of Chrome which uses its own you won't have two icons in the Dock, and only one instance of Chrome running: enter image description here. You can have multiple user's accounts at the press of a button: For Windows, create a desktop shortcut and use this line:. Few weeks ago i had to run multiple versions of Google Chrome for testing purpose. The first thing i did, of course, was to try to find some information and guidelines how to run multiple Chromes. Proposed solutions contain installing Chrome on multiple computer accounts, editing Windows' registry or running virtual machines.

Run multiple versions of Chrome side-by-side, Starting today, Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev can be installed on the same Windows computer as stable Chrome and run simultaneously,  This fabulous answer suggests there’s no way to run multiple versions of Google Chrome on one machine. Every now and then you’ll get a website user stuck on an old version of Chrome (no idea how, but it happens — maybe they installed the standalone version ?) with an issue, and you need to be able to verify it.

As professional testers, my friends use browsers section to test compatibility of site in various browsers. Hope this should help you.

You Can Now Run Different Google Chrome Versions Side-By-Side, Google announced on Monday that Chrome users can now run two different This was cumbersome, especially for web developers testing how This update only applies to Chrome versions on Windows, Android, and Linux. same result, by running a portable version of Google Chrome Stable and then  This is a free download from the Mac OS App store, and provides a full remote interface into my Windows 10 machine. Be aware that if you plan to use Microsoft Remote Access, you need to be running

What's the best way to run two instances of Chrome on OS X at the , Windows To do this, add the --user-data-dir flag to chrome.exe, like this: with a custom user data directory in order to run multiple instances at the same time. I wanted to use Mac OS X's ways of running multiple apps, not Google's way. Is there any benefit to running OS X on a PC vs running Windows on a Mac? This setting prevents Google Chrome from running in the background even after you close the Chrome browser. Apps that run in the background include Google Now and Hangouts. End Processes via Google Task Manager. With Google Chrome open, press “Shift” + “Esc.“ The Google Chrome Task Manager should appear; Left click the process you want

Can I have multiple Google Chrome browsers on the same computer?, YES! you can run unlimited Google Chrome on your single computer… For example, in one window you might be looking at your Brown Gmail, You can have multiple accounts on Google Chrome, or use the three different versions : Get more done with the new Google Chrome. A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google’s smarts built-in. Download now.

How to install multiple version of Chrome (35 and 40) browse, Do we have any tool which I can install to test the multiple version of Chrome in my machine​versions-of-google-chrome-on-the-same-machine-mac-or-window  Google Chrome is a platform independent browser. However you can find some difference causing confusion. Here is a comparison of Google Chrome Windows Vs Mac versions to list down the differences for reference.

Chrome Beta/Dev can now run side-by-side with stable Chrome on , Google Chrome features several different release channels to allow developers to test However, beginning today multiple versions of Chrome can now coexist on the same computer: the same Windows computer as stable Chrome and run simultaneously, allowing Hopefully, it will soon come to Mac.

  • This is more of a question for SuperUser, since it is not really about programming.
  • @dreamlax: So websites aren’t programming? I want to run multiple Chromes for testing websites that I’ve written. It’s a very narrow definition of programming that doesn’t encompass that.
  • Your question is regarding the installation and/or configuration of software, not the development of software.
  • @dreamlax: software I’m installing and configuring to test software I’ve developed. You’d only want to do this whilst developing software.
  • Running multiple Chrome browsers is natively supported. A step-by-step guide is covered in Cross-browser testing: All major browsers on ONE machine; 7. Chrome. A brief summary: Download 7-zip, old versions from Old Apps. Then use 7-zip to extract the installer, twice. (...) Create a shortcut to the Chrome launcher with the following flags --user-data-dir=..., --chrome-version=....
  • This doesn't work anymore. Old Apps link says - "Google Chrome is no longer available to download on OldApps"
  • Sadly, attempting to extract Chrome 24 using 7Zip does NOT result in a chrome.7z archive but rather a binary file 102~ with which nothing can be done. I wonder whether you method only worked for older versions? - looks like Google changed the way their installer/downloader works.
  • @Tom Look in the linked Github gist for known-good paths to offline installers. Most recently used to get Chrome 33.
  • Each and every time that I try to download from File Hippo I get redirected and the current version of Chrome gets installed. Frustrating.
  • @JayBlanchard Use the Github gist at to get old versions from Old Apps. If you need a version not listed at Old Apps, just request a specific version via mail. I've got direct download URLs for almost every Chrome release since v23 (up to the latest beta, v36 at the moment).
  • Thanks! Apparently disabling auto-updates isn't required on Mac OS X - I was wondering why it wasn't in your answer :)
  • To disable auto-updates on Mac, go to the file /Applications/Google\ Chrome\ and change the value of <key>KSUpdateURL</key> to <string></string>. No other method worked for me (including setting defaults write checkInterval 0).
  • is not helpful in identifying old revision numbers, but with some trial and error it worked like charm! Thanks!