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I am trying to suppress the text value in crystal by right clicking on the text object, selecting suppress and hitting the x2 button and adding the formula


When I look at the print preview the text is still there when the field value is null.

In the formula section, I changed the code from



if {field} = "" then 

suppress text object if field value is null in crystal, In the formula section, I changed the code from isnull(field). to if {field} = "" then true;. To suppress just a field and not the entire header: Right click on the first text object Select Format Textfrom the menu On the Common tab, find the checkbox labeled Suppress.

In Crystal Reports a placeholder will still be on-screen when you hover over a suppressed field. Since the field is NULL there really won't be a visual difference between NULL and suppressed fields.

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How to suppress blank lines and sections in Crystal Reports , We can suppress these blank lines by adding the fields into a text object or the record's address but some records might not have a value for Address line 2. If this is the case use subreports to display these unique fields and place the  Right click the text object Go to Common Tab There is a Suppress checkbox to the right if it there is a button with a x2, click this button In the formula editor write a formula that returns true if this "certain value" is in the row or false otherwise

I can put my field in a section, right-click on the section (left margin of the editor) and select Section Expert... In the Section Expert, I ensure the correct section is selected, then I can check the box for "Suppress Blank Section".

How to not display a row in a report if a specific field in the row , For example, if a specific field in a row has no value or is blank. to conditionally suppress and select Section Expert (Crystal XI) or Format Section (Crystal 8.5). You can either conditionally suppress the entire section that the fields/text/picture is on by going to 'Section Expert' -> select the section you want -> click the formula button next to 'Suppress (No Drill-Down)' and enter {field.IsVisible}<>1, or you can selectively only suppress the fields/text/pictures in question by right-clicking them -> 'Format Field' or 'Format Graphic' -> 'Common' tab -> enter the same suppression formula.

Crystal Reports Suppress Blank or Null Field's in Crystal XI, I need to suppress Address2 when it contains a blank or a null value. field in a text box and selecting the Suppress Embedded Field Blank Lines in When referencing NULL objects in the formula you have to mention them  You are looking at a "Text Object" into which the previous designer dragged & dropped a Formula. In this case, Double-click the text object to find the complete name of the formula and look it up in the Field Explorer. Many objects (including the 2 I just mentioned) allow you to overwrite the standard text based on whatever condition you like.

Crystal report query, I have created crystal report where the data fields are set in a single vertical I want to hide Text object with blank or 0.00 value and move next text object blank field , also you based on the condition you can suppress if the  Now check the Suppress check-box and click the button in front of the Suppress check box. The Formula Workshop window will then open. In here you have to provide a boolean value. Based on it, the value of the field will visible in Crystal Reports.

how to suppress fields in crystal report which is having null values, Try this. 1)Select object 2)Right click on the object and select Format Object 3)​Click the checkbox "Supress if Null  Find answers to Suppress if value zero or NULL in crystal report from with crystal report and i have two field and want to put it on the same place and condition

  • Do you mean right-clicking on the text object, selecting Format Text..., checking the box beside Suppress, then hitting the x-2 button?
  • @dougp this is what I see as well.
  • I've looked for this simple answer for awhile. THANK YOU!