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Wrote this simple java code:

public class NewMain {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        int a;
        a = 5;
        System.out.println("The value of a is" + a);

All it gives me is:

run: BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 0 seconds)

What's going on? My Eclipse doesn't do this.

Netbeans 8.2 build successful but no output, Make Sure that the class is not in the "default package". It should lie in the project's package. main method should be having the correct lines  Every time I run this, it shows Build Successful. But no output is shown. I've tried configuring the project's main class, but didn't work. Is there anything to recheck in this code? I've pasted the

I hope this is still relevant. I have Netbeans 9, Go to

run -> set project configuration -> customize.

This would open a new window. In that window in the RUN area, please change Main class to the current file.

In my NetBeans IDE, there is no output, even though the output , If your class name is solution then save the file as then the problem even though the output console is showing the message "Build Successful". Re: No Output / Result in NetBeans. 807600 Nov 4, 2007 12:53 PM ( in response to 807600 ) No, you should't do any change to your code, its fine. The only thing you should do is to add the output window. Press ctrl+4 or got o Window->Output.

If you are on NetBeans IDE 11.1, just clean and build the project with "Shift+F11" and then run your project with "F6". That will fix your issue. In some cases, merely restarting the IDE can also do the job.

build successful (total time: 0 seconds) , build successful but no out put in netbeans java netbeans (software) netbeans build Duration: 4:01 Posted: Sep 14, 2017 Thanks for A2A Its good that you fixed it. While saving the file use the class name as the file name too. If your class name is solution then save the file as then the problem wont occur.

How to recover closed output window in netbeans?, Java SE Development Kit 9 Download (JDK 9): In this video, we are using version 8.2, but it Duration: 2:15 Posted: Jan 2, 2018 build successful (total time: 0 seconds) build successful but no out put in netbeans java netbeans (software) netbeans build successful but no output netbeans red line vikramnvp11 domain solution

BUILD FAILED Netbeans 7.4 C / C++, I recently installed Netbeans 8.2 with JDK 8 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit OS. Started the installation with jdk-8u131-windows-x64.exe, which  In Netbeans there should be a so called "Output" Window in the down-right corner of your screen, which should show the console output (System.out.println("");). Logically this does only occur, when you run the.jar-file by pressing "Run" (F6) (which is different from compiling or building [F11]).

No output from simple program using System.out.println, The NetBeans IDE runs on the Java platform, which means that you can use it HelloWorldApp is not the same as helloworldapp . If the build output concludes with the statement BUILD SUCCESSFUL This sequence of clicks might seem unnecessary if you have just a single class in your project, but it is very useful  Dont worry, the problem is simple . What I think might have caused the problem is that you would've made a jframe form and had not made it visble in the main class of you project .

  • you simply build the project, but did not execute it ?
  • This is the only class in my project, so I can't be running another one.
  • @ Emerson Cod I pressed the Run button and there is no output. I'm new to java so excuse my ignorance.
  • Building does not imply running. Right-click on the Java Class in the Project window and choose "Run File".
  • I have another project in netbeans and it runs with no problem.
  • I did that, same thing, no output just giving me the "BUILD SUCCESSFUL"
  • I have the same problem and nothing online seems to be helpful, most just give the same non-working answer, why would I be asking for a solution if that was the problem? idk