Device not showing in Android Studio with flutter

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I am trying to get my device to connect to android studio so I can run the app through my phone, but it doesn't show up. I have used flutter doctor and this is the output I get :

Try the following for the first error:

1.) Did you run the command it suggested?

flutter doctor --android-licenses

2.) Upgrade Android Studio

For the connected device error try the following:

1.) Run flutter devices this command is used to verify that Flutter recognizes your Android device which should be connected,

2.) Enable Developer mode on your phone and USB debugging on your device

3.) Using a USB cable plug your phone into the computer and if prompted make sure you authenticate your computer to access the device

4.) Try flutter devices again and see what happens

Device not showing in Android Studio with flutter, Android Studio then found the device and launched flutter app on the device. I'm guessing the flutter plugin doesn't query AndroidStudio for the  $ flutter devices No devices detected. Run 'flutter emulators' to list and start any available device emulators. Or, if you expected your device to be detected, please run "flutter doctor" to diagnose potential issues, or visit for troubleshooting tips. • Device B2NGAA8831702707 is not authorized.

For me, I was able to solve the issue by following this solution


the solution is all about telling flutter where is android sdk located by running the following command

> flutter config --android-sdk <YOUR_SDK_PATH> 

I'm using Ubuntu 18

Unable to run a Flutter app because <no devices> even Device File , 3) [√] Android Studio (version 3.3) [√] VS Code (version 1.30.2) [!] Connected device ! No devices available ! Doctor found issues in 1 category. I've installed Android Studio with Flutter/Dart plugin on Win10. Android Studio 3.4.2 Flutter Plugin 38.2 Dart Plugin v183.6270. If i open a Flutter project in android studio, the device list always displays "loading", in the device list i see my three devices:

Get a look in your android device version and install the same in android studio sdk

Connected Device(No Device Avaliable) · Issue #27175 · flutter , Start your app by running the flutter run. The connected device name is Android SDK built for, where the platform is the chip family, such as x86. 56 Answers56 STEP 1: To check the connected devices, run: flutter devices STEP 2: If there are no connected devices to see the list of available emulators, run: flutter emulators STEP 3: To run an emulator, run: flutter emulators --launch <emulator id> STEP 4: If there is no available emulator, run:

Flutter, No connected devices found; please connect a device, or see for getting started instructions. no device connected]. When I run  After setting the setting, restart VS Code, then disconnect/reconnect your device, and then grab a copy of the logs, and we can see if there's anything obvious in there. Thanks! DanTup added in flutter is bug labels on Apr 20, 2019. Copy link. Quote reply.

Android Studio with Flutter no devices connected, When I'm running flutter run, it says No connected devices. This is my output of flutter No devices available ! Doctor found Launch Android Studio>Tools>​Android>AVD Manager and select Create Virtual Device. Choose a  If Android Studio is installed, then check plugins If not, nothing to do. In theory if I have flutter installed, while not pleasant, I can write code using vi :) I see no reason to raise an error/warning relating to IDEs, especially when they are not even installed! (or let's be fair and also complain that I don't have VSCode installed as well).

Flutter error unable to locate a development device, How to develop Flutter apps in Android Studio or other IntelliJ products. Editing code and viewing issues; Running and debugging are listed, Flutter has not been able to discover any connected iOS or Android devices or simulators. I'm using Android Studio for Flutter App Development. Everything seems to be working fine just that the Android Studio does not show the "logs" in Logcat. In the Logcat section, it says "Please Con

  • @Joe_A the licence issue is cleared. The only issue is not seeing my device. I am able to access my device elsewhere and developer options is turn on.
  • What is the output of flutter devices? does it recognize your device through that command? DId you install the Google USB Driver? I put the link to the website Flutter_link
  • @Joe_A What do you mean by output of flutter devices? I have installed google USB driver, still doesn't work.