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How would you write assertThat(foo, instanceOf(Bar.class)) with Kotlin?

Seems that it does not like the .class

I would like to go for an assertion which is a bit more "precise" than just an assertTrue(foo is Bar) if possible

Bar::class returns instance of KClass, which is Kotlin equivalent of Java's Class.

instanceOf method requires Class instance, not KClass, so you have to convert it using Bar::class.java.

So your assertion should be like:

assertThat(foo, instanceOf(Bar::class.java))

More info about Java interop you can find here.

Also you can have a look at Hamkrest library which may add more fluency to your assertions:

assert.that(foo, isA<Bar>())

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assertThat(foo, instanceOf(Bar::class.java))

Documentation: https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/java-interop.html#getclass

Object Expressions, Object Declarations and Companion , To create an object of an anonymous class that inherits from some type (or types)​, we write: fun bar() { val x1 = foo().x // Works val x2 = publicFoo().x // ERROR:  Kotlin для assertThat (foo, instanceOf (Bar.class)) Kotlin Back-Tick в именах методов: как это работает? Запуск тестов юнита, написанных в Котлине с аннотацией @category

You could use Atrium (https://atriumlib.org) and write the following


And in case you want to assert more about foo, say Bar has a val baz: Int, then you can write the following

assertThat(foo).isA<Bar> { 

org.hamcrest.Matchers.isA java code examples, assertThat(objects, isA(Iterable.class)); Best Java code snippets using org.​hamcrest. A shortcut to the frequently used is(instanceOf(SomeClass.class)) . Kotlin для assertThat (foo, instanceOf (Bar.class)) Тип-Безопасность с необязательными полями в классе данных для JSON Почему Котлин не поддерживает «тройного оператора»,

How to use JUnit 5 @MethodSource-parameterized tests with Kotlin , @ParameterizedTest. @ValueSource (strings = arrayOf( "foo" , "bar" )). fun `test isBlank() works as expected`(testedValue: String) {. Assertions. Являются ли входящие функции Kotlin менее дорогими, чем анонимные классы Java? Kotlin: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException в элементе добавления MutableList; Kotlin для assertThat (foo, instanceOf (Bar.class))

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HasPropertyWithValue (Hamcrest), public class HasPropertyWithValue<T>; extends TypeSafeDiagnosingMatcher<T​>. Matcher that asserts that a JavaBean property on an argument passed to the  Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

  • AssertJ is btw a nice fluent api for assertions. It would be written like this: assertThat(foo).isInstanceOf(Bar::class.java). The big advantage is, that you must not know all the components like instanceof() by hard, because the code completion of the fluent-api lists you all possibilities.
  • That's not completely true: Bar.class isn't allowed in kotlin. It is Bar::class what you mean
  • Thanks for the Hamkrest link
  • Too bad there ain't an assertIs(foo, Bar) function :/ Thanks :)