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I want use $unreadMessages in my layout but I don't know which controller is used globally for layouts. It is in dashboardController, but I get this error:

Undefined variable: unreadMessages (View: /myhost/resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php) (View: / myhost/resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php)

In which controller can I define this variable so I can use it globally?

This code is for $unreadMessages in the dashboardController:


class DashboardController extends Controller

    public function index()
        $unreadMessages = TicketMessage::where(['is_read' => 0])->whereIn('ticket_id', $ticketIds)->whereNotIn('user_id', [Auth::user()->id])->count();

        return view('dashboard', compact(

you can resolve this issue by using the following code in Route.php file:

view()->share('unreadMessages', $unreadMessages);

How can I use variables globally in Blade templates, you can resolve this issue by using the following code in Route.php file: view()->​share('unreadMessages', $unreadMessages);. You may specify which attributes should be considered data variables using the @props directive at the top of your component's Blade template. All other attributes on the component will be available via the component's attribute bag.

How to set a variable inside Laravel's blade template, It is not recommended to declare variables inside blade templates, blade's Use the Blade @php directive to execute a block of plain PHP within your template:. It is not recommended to declare variables inside blade templates, blade’s purpose is to render the view with the values which comes from the controller., but there arise a situation you may need some iterators or flags to declare inside the blade., you can declare using the following syntax. if it is a single line.,

You can do that with a ServiceProvider, in the boot function, for example :

 public function boot() {

    view()->composer([''],function($view) {
        $unreadMessages = TicketMessage::where(['is_read' => 0])->whereIn('ticket_id', $ticketIds)->whereNotIn('user_id', [Auth::user()->id])->count();

Laravel Tips, The question is where to put 'global view variables' I mean this variable will be needed every time I require master.blade.php because it is in header or footer  I am using stylesheet inside my blade template using tag. Since I wanted to use variables coming from the controller to use class properties.

Blade Variables for Master Template, template', [ 'name' => $name, ]);. But I'm currently wanting to pass the $_SESSION variable so all the templates have access to it. I don't  There are the Following The simple About Laravel Passing Multiple Variables from Controller to View Full Information With Example and source code.. As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Passing Multiple Variables Into A Laravel 5 View, so the Passing Multiple Variables Into A Laravel 5 View for this example is following below.

Registering a global variable? · Issue #15 · jenssegers/blade · GitHub, I have a couple classes that I initialize and then global their variables in each template that I need them in, but using Blade I feel that there's a better way to  In this case you'd have to put it inside your Blade template. If you have your JavaScript code in one or more separate files (which is good!) you can just add an inline script tag to your template where you pass your variables. (Just make sure that it runs beforethe rest of your JavaScript code. Usually document.readyis the answer to that)

Global Variables with Sage 9 & Blade - sage, If Statements; Switch Statements; Loops; The Loop Variable; Comments; PHP. Forms Two of the primary benefits of using Blade are template inheritance and sections. Blade views may be returned from routes using the global view helper: Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more Laravel, right way to import javascript into Blade Templates