How might I find the largest number contained in a JavaScript array?

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I have a simple JavaScript Array object containing a few numbers.

[267, 306, 108]

Is there a function that would find the largest number in this array?

Resig to the rescue:

Array.max = function( array ){
    return Math.max.apply( Math, array );

Warning: since the maximum number of arguments is as low as 65535 on some VMs, use a for loop if you're not certain the array is that small.

How might I find the largest number contained in a JavaScript array , Return an array consisting of the largest number from each provided sub-array. For simplicity, the provided array will contain exactly 4 sub-arrays. Remember Three Ways to Find the Longest Word in a String in JavaScript Javascript Web Development Front End Technology To get the largest number in the array, you can try to run the following code. It returns the largest number 530:

You can use the apply function, to call Math.max:

var array = [267, 306, 108];
var largest = Math.max.apply(Math, array); // 306

How it works?

The apply function is used to call another function, with a given context and arguments, provided as an array. The min and max functions can take an arbitrary number of input arguments: Math.max(val1, val2, ..., valN)

So if we call:

Math.min.apply(Math, [1,2,3,4]);

The apply function will execute:


Note that the first parameter, the context, is not important for these functions since they are static, they will work regardless of what is passed as the context.

Three ways you can find the largest number in an array using , How do you find the largest number in an array? Now that you have a method to return the largest number in a array, you can loop through each sub-arrays with the map () method and return all largest numbers. Here’s my solution, with embedded comments: function largestOfFour(mainArray) { // Step 1. Map over the main arrays return { // Step 3.

The easiest syntax, with the new spread operator:

var arr = [1, 2, 3];
var max = Math.max(...arr);

Source : Mozilla MDN

Which function calculates the largest value in a set of numbers in , How do you find the max of an array in Java? JavaScript exercises, practice and solution: Write a JavaScript function to find the highest value in an array.

How to find the largest number contained in a JavaScript array?, To get the largest number in the array, you can try to run the following code. It returns the largest number 530 −ExampleLive Demo Getting the maximum element of an array. Array.reduce() can be used to find the maximum element in a numeric array, by comparing each value: var arr = [1,2,3]; var max = arr.reduce(function(a, b) { return Math.max(a, b); }); The following function uses Function.prototype.apply() to get the maximum of an array.

I've found that for bigger arrays (~100k elements), it actually pays to simply iterate the array with a humble for loop, performing ~30% better than Math.max.apply():

function mymax(a)
    var m = -Infinity, i = 0, n = a.length;

    for (; i != n; ++i) {
        if (a[i] > m) {
            m = a[i];

    return m;

Benchmark results

Find the largest number in an array JavaScript Tutorial, The program to find the largest number in an array in JavaScript with a in an array Duration: 7:06 Posted: Feb 6, 2019 The includes() method determines whether an array contains a specified element. This method returns true if the array contains the element, and false if not. Note: The includes() method is case sensitive.

Return the largest numbers in arrays in JavaScript, In order to find the solution, we're going to have to iterate through a Return an array consisting of the largest number from each provided sub-array. given us a hint that we can access the element of an array in bracket form  let largest = ''; for (let item of arr) { if (item.length > largest.length) largest = item } In IE, you can use Array.forEach; that's still faster and clearer than sorting or reducing the array. var largest = ''; arr.forEach(function(item) { if (item.length > largest.length) largest = item }); share.

The Fastest Way to Find Minimum and Maximum Values in an Array , Sometimes, given an array of numbers in JavaScript, the smallest or There are several built-in ways to find a minimum or maximum value  Array .filter() with a nested call to .find() will return all elements in the first array that are members of the second array. Check the length of the returned array to determine if any of the second array were in the first array.

JavaScript Algorithm: Return Largest Numbers in Arrays, The goal of the function is to output an array that contains the largest numbers and telling you “as you can see, this is a tree”, we'll shut it and get to the code. Arrange given numbers to form the biggest number | Set 1. Given an array of numbers, arrange them in a way that yields the largest value. For example, if the given numbers are {54, 546, 548, 60}, the arrangement 6054854654 gives the largest value. And if the given numbers are {1, 34, 3, 98, 9, 76, 45, 4}, then the arrangement 998764543431 gives the largest value.

  • Math.max(...[267, 306, 108]);
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  • FWIW, if performance is a factor in your solution, I would test that compared to your own easily-coded function to make sure it performs well. We tend to assume that the native implementation will be faster; in fact, the cost of the apply call can wash that out very easily.
  • What if my array length is bigger than parameter count limit ?
  • @CrescentFresh according to this:… it is hardcoded to 65535. According to this: and by knowledge that arguments are pushed onto stack we know that it's not unlimited
  • Also, this method is not robust. It fails if your array is larger than the the mamximum stack size resulting in RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.
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  • However, both spread (...) and apply will either fail or return the wrong result if the array has too many elements…
  • @Green FWIW, the parameter count limit is 65536 (at least on Chrome) ([source(]). So if your array has more than 65536 elements, this answer won't work.
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