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There is a table called zipcode with columns as id, zip, city, state.

In our case, we want to get the records based on either id or zip or city or state.

The General SQL query looks like

SELECT * FROM zipcode WHERE id=id AND zip=zip AND city=city AND state=state;

If we want to get a specific state then, we will replace the state value with the given name.

SELECT * FROM zipcode WHERE id=id AND zip=zip AND city=city AND state='California';

If we want a specific city, then we can write

SELECT * FROM zipcode WHERE id=id AND zip=zip AND city='Los Angles' AND state=state;

The problem with Spring Data JPA is, if we write a method

@Query(value = "SELECT * FROM zipcode WHERE id=?1 AND zip=?2 AND city=?3 AND state=?4", nativeQuery = true)
List<Zipcode> getZipCodes(Integer id, Integer zip, String city, String state)

I want to get all the cities but a specific state only, then I can't use this method, like how I can use the above SQL query, where we just need to replace the column value.

How can we achieve this in Spring Data JPA, using native query ?

Use spring data jpa query params

@Query(value = "SELECT * FROM zipcode WHERE id=:id AND (zip=:zip or :zip is null) AND  (city=:city or :city is null)  AND (state=:state or :state is null) ", nativeQuery = true)
List<Zipcode> getZipCodes(@Param("id") Integer id, @Param("zip") Integer zip, @Praram("city) String city, @Param("state") String state)

Spring Data JPA Tutorial: Introduction to Query Methods, Earlier we created our first Spring Data JPA repository that provides CRUD How can we pass parameters to our query methods? This blog post answers to all of these questions. Spring Data JPA Tutorial: Getting the Required Dependencies Something like this (which does not even compile) :. I just wanted to know how to pass column name and its value to @Query annotation in Spring Data JPA. Basically column names will be static and we used to put every column as a element in Entity class. But here I want something different, here column name will be dynamic I will be passing this value as Parameter to the method defined in repository.

I don't know if Spring Data has a way of doing this in a single method, but you could try using an Example:

public List<Zipcode> getZipcodes(Integer id, Integer zip, String city, String state){
  Zipcode zipcode = new Zipcode();
  if (id != null)
  if (zip != null)
  return zipcodeRepository.findAll(Example.of(zipcode));

Spring Data JPA Tutorial: Creating Database Queries With the JPA , If you are not familiar with Spring Data JPA, you should read the Let's find out how we can specify the conditions of the invoked This method takes the search term as a method parameter and returns a list of TodoDTO objects. It is very hard to implement complex queries and even harder to read them. In this guide we will walk through Spring Boot Data JPA left, right, inner and cross join examples on three tables. In pas we have seen similar example on two tables but I got some requests on how to perform similar joins on three tables. Therefore I am going to show you how to perform joins – left, right, inner, cross – on three tables.

Try this,

@Query(value = "SELECT * FROM zipcode WHERE  (id=?1 or ?1 is null) AND (zip=?2 or ?2 is null) AND  (city=?3 or ?3 is null)  AND (state=?4 or ?4 is null) ", nativeQuery = true)
List<Zipcode> getZipCodes(Integer id, Integer zip, String city, String state)

5 JPA Features That Are Easier To Use with Spring Data JPA, › docs › 1.6.1.RELEASE › reference › html › reposit In the above examples, we learn different-different examples spring JPA Sorting/Order static as well as dynamic options as well. Ordering may also reduce the query performance we should only apply for the order when we need to show the records in particular order. 4. References. Spring JPA documentation

1. Working with Spring Data Repositories, It uses the configuration and code samples for the Java Persistence API (JPA) module. covers XML configuration which is supported across all Spring Data modules supporting Standard CRUD functionality repositories usually have queries on the As a first step you define a domain class-specific repository interface. We are looking at Spring Data JPA Interview Questions and Answers. How to enable Spring Data JPA features. First, we need to define some configuration class let’s say and then we need to use @ EnableJpaRepositories annotation with that class.

Spring Data JPA, Spring Data JPA provides repository support for the Java Persistence API (JPA). In the prior example, you defined a common base interface for all your To handle parameters in your query, define method parameters as as quer method return types and will get the types in the second column used as  In the first method, we have fetched records using the method name, When we define a method with a specified naming conversation then spring JPA will automatically generate the query at runtime and return the result. In the second method, We have used @Query and passed names as a parameter List.

Spring Data JPA and Null Parameters, Learn different ways to use null parameters with Spring Data JPA In some cases, when we search for records by parameters we want to find rows with null as the field value. of our columns scaled poorly as the number increases, as we would have to add many methods to achieve all the combinations. Introduction to JPA Using Spring Boot Data there are mismatches in column names. We use a few JPA annotations to do the mapping: The second parameter indicates the type of result.