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I'm trying to get a variable into the header function of FPDF. I know it's a scoping problem, but I'm not sure how to pass in the variable $branch

$branch = $_POST['branch'];

class PDF extends FPDF
  function Header()

You have $branch outside of the class ...

You could include global $branch; in your function to access it.

function Header()
    global $branch;


However, it would be a better idea to call the function with the $branch as an argument.

function Header($branch)

// $pdf->Header($_POST['branch'])

FAQ, I try to display a variable in the Header method but nothing prints. You have to use the global keyword to access global variables, for example: function Header​()  Header Header() Description This method is used to render the page header. It is automatically called by AddPage() and should not be called directly by the application. The implementation in FPDF is empty, so you have to subclass it and override the method if you want a specific processing. Example


$GLOBALS["branch"] = $_POST['branch'];

and in your function:


Header, The implementation in FPDF is empty, so you have to subclass it and override the method if you want a specific processing. Example. class PDF extends FPDF {  header: Required. Specifies the header string to send: replace: Optional. Indicates whether the header should replace a previous similar header or add a new header of the same type. Default is TRUE (will replace). FALSE allows multiple headers of the same type: http_response_code: Optional. Forces the HTTP response code to the specified value

$branch = "branch name";


Use PHP concatenation operator (.), then pass the variable.

Header, footer, page break and image, Here's a two page example with header, footer and logo: <?php require('fpdf.php'​); class PDF extends FPDF { // Page header function Header() { // Logo  This example makes use of the Header() and Footer() methods to process page headers and footers. They are called automatically. They already exist in the FPDF class but do nothing, therefore we have to extend the class and override them. The logo is printed with the Image() method by specifying its upper-left corner and its width. The height is

$branch = 'XYZ';

$GLOBALS["branch"] = $branch;

function Header($branch) { $this->Cell(30,10,$branch,0,0,'C'); }

[PDF] FPDF MultiCell Function Explanation and Use Version 1.0 Overview , to the Section() function rather than reference through a global variable. At the top After the header is issued, the default font used in the table contents is set. An alternative way of generating PDF files with PHP is using FPDF, a free PHP class containing a number of functions for creating and manipulating PDFs. The key word here is free.

I solve it using something like this

class pdf extends FPDF {
    public $custom;
    public function __construct($custom) {
        $this->custom = $custom;

    function Header() {
        $this->Cell(190, 10, $this->custom, 1,1,'C');

$pdf = new pdf("Hello World");

Hope it helps!

pasing variable to instantiated fpdf class Solutions, ps: in my original fpdf file , there is only function Header ,which is empty . thanks for the help. Comment  F from FPDF stands for Free: you may use it for any kind of usage and modify it to suit your needs. FPDF has other advantages: high level functions. Here is a list of its main features: Choice of measure unit, page format and margins; Page header and footer management; Automatic page break; Automatic line break and text justification

Get Variabel In Fpdf - General Discussion, I have made a web using fpdf. but the problems I can`t get variable in class coba1 extends fpdf { // Page header function Header() { // Logo  The custom header is embedded within the class extension of the FPDF as a separate callable function. If your project gets complex, you can create as many different custom headers as required. Call the headers within your equivalent to the Section() part of the code.

How to Pass Variable Data from an Array Into fpdf in PHP, class PDF extends FPDF { public $course_details; public function setData($input​){ $this->course_details = $input; } function Header() { // Logo Note: This function/method was altered in mPDF 2.2 by capitalising the first letter of the name. As function/method names in PHP have hitherto been case-insensitive, this should not cause any problems, but it is recommended where possible to use the preferred spelling.

FAQ, FPDF is released under a permissive license: there is no usage restriction. This function deletes all files of the form tmp*.pdf older than an hour in the specified directory. I try to display a variable in the Header method but nothing prints. How to pass variable data from an array into fpdf in php I'm trying to generate a pdf using the FPDF class but the problem I'm having is how to pass variable data fetched from mysql database (queried data are stored in an array) into the pdf generated. Here are the codes in the script meant to generate the pdf. getPubCourseDetails($_GET\['c_id

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