How to get wishlist data from other profile in Steam?

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Steam has launched new wishlist: or id

I found the next link to get some info about user which works only if you are logged in and returns only data for current profile: - wishlist is empty if I'm not logged in. I can see wishlist of other players, using the first link, where uses wishlist.js shows games.

How to get wishlist data of user (from other profile, not myself) with and without sign in?

You can get the data in JSON at:{user_id}/wishlistdata/


Steam Wishlist - Managing Your Library - Knowledge Base, Then as said above, the said user doesn't have a wishlist or it's bugging. You can also just manually force /wishlist/ into the URL after the profile  View All Recently Played | Reviews Then as said above, the said user doesn't have a wishlist or it's bugging. You can also just manually force /wishlist/ into the URL after the profile URL.

You can do it using curl. Fetch the wishlist page using curl and apply preg_match_all() function on it to get an array of all appid of every app in a user's wishlist.

preg_match_all('/"appid":(\d*),/', $response, $gameids);
$gameids = $gameids[1];

How do i check my friends wishlist? :: Help and Tips, Players can add your game to their wishlist on Steam to keep track of games they are Customers who have been notified about your game within the last week another e-mail will be sent to users with the game on their wishlist at that time. Wishlist data is updated daily for the previous date (ie. as of March 2nd, you can  Additionally, you can see a breakdown of wishlist numbers by region or country in the "Regional sales report" section for each app. Wishlist data is updated daily for the previous date (ie. as of March 2nd, you can see all of the data up to March 1st)

g_rgWishlistData contains all the wishlist information.

browser console: function getAppID(item, index) { return item.appid; }",");

Wishlists (Steamworks Documentation), Steam wishlists have become a key metric for developers. Or in other words, to make them feel hyped and make as much buzz about the game as "​Developers can access wishlist data such as additions, conversions, and to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites. You can edit your Wishlist in both the Steam client and through a web browser. To do this, log into your Steam account and click on Community, if necessary, log into your account again to access your Community Profile. Once logged in, click on View my Profile on the right-hand side to view your Community Profile.

As an addition to the answer of 472084: Some Steam users are shown using an ID rather than a profile number. For those users one can use the following query:{user_id}/wishlistdata/

where {user_id} needs to be replaced with the actual ID.

Steam Web API/Feedback, Public profile with visible shelve of bought games and wishlist. Steam allows so much crap on its database, and we're all so weak in front of bundles, that we end up with Additionally, GOG will have another way to do some free marketing​. 1 - From the main store page, in the upper right, is a link that says "Wishlist" 2 - If you go to your profile, and click on 'games' on the right side, the 4th tab over should be 'Wishlist' 3 - In the Steam Client, if you hover over where it says 'Steam' (next to Library, Community, your profile name), The second option from the bottom should be 'wishlist' (right above 'stats')

A game developer's guide to Steam wishlists, fixed dropdown on other people's profiles; fixed activation of Steam keys from next to YouTube gameplay; improved wishlist export, now including price data to games in your Waitlist and Collection even if you don't have them on Steam. Your IP Address will only be provided to GeoJS If you calculate your wishlist whilst using the Currency Auto Detect Feature on this website. If you would prefer not to provide your IP Address to GeoJS to set the currency based on your location whilst using the Currency Auto Detect Feature then please choose one of the preset Currencies from the

Public GOG profiles, You can add a game you want to purchase on a Steam Wishlist. When you sign up on Steam, you can customize your profile including a wishlist. You can also add games that have not yet been released so Steam can give You may also allow other people to view your wishlist, in case they want to  First, make sure you’re logged into Steam, either here via a web browser, or via Steam’s mobile app, or the Steam desktop client. Second, navigate to the game you’d like to add to your Wishlist (like our upcoming Mars Horizon), and click the “Add to your wishlist” button that’s just beneath the screenshots carousel.

Releases · tfedor/AugmentedSteam · GitHub, You want to go to view your wishlist: (yours is here). (not my wishlist). While viewing your wishlist, you will notice the "Added on" line below the title. At the end of  Even when your profile is private, you can still send and receive friend invites within the Steam social system and even trade items. However, the hub for your personal sharing, including badges, screenshots and videos, game reviews, guides, and other uploaded content, won’t be accessible to other users unless you add them as friends (and not

  • I have the same problem :(
  • You understood the question wrong. There is no problem to get wishlist data from own profile when you are logged in. There is problem to get wishlist data of 3-rd party profile (friend, public) without and with sign in Steam.
  • This method works for any steam id given the url you are fetching from curl is ''.$steam64id