How to fix 'Cannot read property 'id' of 'null'

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I have this error message that comes in from time to time that crashes my bot. Here is the error message in the console:


TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null
    at module.exports (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\FortniteRanked8.5\events\message.js:7:36)

The problem comes from this line:

if (prefixes.hasOwn({


  • Windows server 2012
  • Discord.js : v11.4.2
  • node : v8.11.1


const Store = require('data-store');

module.exports = (client, message) => {
  var prefixes = new Store({ path: __dirname + '/../prefixes.json' });
  // console.log(prefixes.clone())

  if ( return;

  var prefix = client.config.prefix

  if (prefixes.hasOwn({
    prefix = prefixes.get(

  if (message.content.indexOf(prefix) !== 0) return;

  const args = message.content.slice(prefix.length).trim().split(/ +/g);
  const command = args.shift().toLowerCase();
  const cmd = client.commands.get(command);

  if (!cmd) return;

  if (cmd && !message.guild)
    return"Vous ne pouvez pas faire de commande ici, Merci de faire les commandes directement sur votre serveur discord.");, message, args);

message.guild is null, before you should check if it exists like message && message.guild && .... Using this you’ll be sure that all the fields exist.

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Check guild before use it

if(message.guild && prefixes.hasOwn(

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The Guild object you're accessing doesn't exist. So it has no id member in it. So it says, TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null. Thanks to all other users contributed.

More at MDN about TypeError.

The solution

You need to check whether the guild you're accessing does even exist or not?. For that you need to check the guild's avialable property.

/* Check the evidence of guild's existance */
if(message.guild.avialable === true && prefixes.hasOwn(

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If the error message says "Could not read property 'id' of null" it means that the guild property exists, but it is null. As it has been previously said, you have to check it, but besides that you have to check: why does guild be null?

In case there was no property you would get "Could not read property 'id' of undefined" as the error.

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