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I want to read a file piece by piece. The file is split up into several pieces which are stored on different types of media. What I currently do is call each seperate piece of the file and then merge it back to the original file.

The issue is that I need to wait until all the chunks arrive before I can play/open the file. Is it possible to read the chunks as they are arriving as opposed to waiting for them to all arrive.

I am working on media file (movie file).

what you want is source data line. This is perfect for when your data is too large to hold it in memory at once, so you can start playing it before you receive the entire file. Or if the file never ends.

look at the tutorial for source data line here

I would use this FileInputSteam

Java Reading large files into byte array chunk by chunk, The process if you are interested: Input file using File. Read the chunk by chunk of the file into a byte array. Ex. Send that chunk to be turned into a Hex value --> Integer. Send that hex value chunk to be made into a binary value --> Integer. Mess around with the Binary value. Save to custom file line by line. So here’s how you can go from code that reads everything at once to code that reads in chunks: Separate the code that reads the data from the code that processes the data. Use the new processing function, by mapping it across the results of reading the file chunk-by-chunk.

See[]) for reading bytes at a time.

Example code:

try {
    File file = new File("myFile");
    FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(file);
    byte[] chunk = new byte[1024];
    int chunkLen = 0;
    while ((chunkLen = != -1) {
        // your code..
} catch (FileNotFoundException fnfE) {
    // file not found, handle case
} catch (IOException ioE) {
    // problem reading, handle case

Reading files in Go, success: an optional function invoked as soon as the whole file has been. read successfully. * - binary: If true chunks will be read through FileReader. Using a value of clipboard() will read from the system clipboard. callback: A callback function to call on each chunk. chunk_size: The number of rows to include in each chunk. delim: Single character used to separate fields within a record. quote: Single character used to quote strings. escape_backslash: Does the file use backslashes to escape

Instead of older io you can try nio for reading file chunk by chunk in memory not full file . You can use Channel to get datas from multiple source

RandomAccessFile aFile = new RandomAccessFile(
        FileChannel inChannel = aFile.getChannel();
        long fileSize = inChannel.size();
        ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate((int) fileSize);;
        for (int i = 0; i < fileSize; i++)
            System.out.print((char) buffer.get());

ARM Software Development Toolkit Reference Guide 15.2.1. Chunk , Say you must read 2048 bytes from a file. Which of the following fread() statements works for you: A, B, both, or neither? A. c = fread( buffer,  i'd like to understand the difference in RAM-usage of this methods when reading a large file in python. Version 1, found here on stackoverflow: def read_in_chunks(file_object, chunk_size=1024):

File Handling in Python, Chunking in Python---How to set the "chunk size" of read lines from file read with Python open()?. I have a fairly large text file which I would like to run in chunks. But be aware that the last read from the source is special. For example, lets say the file size is 101 bytes and we're reading in chunks of 10 bytes, then we need to read only 1 byte for the last read. Using std::min<size_t>(chunk_size, bytes_left_to_read) we can determine how many bytes we still can read.

A tiny snippet for reading files chunk by chunk in plain JavaScript , Hey Mike – if the file doesn't have end lines (binary data) – I would recommend reading chunks of bytes. Cheers, Eugen. 0. But, I need to handle files larger than 4GB and I'd like to upload multiple chunks in parallel. This means moving to multipart uploads. I can choose the chunk size but then glacier needs every chunk to be the same size (except the last) This thread suggests that I can set a chunk size on a read stream but that I'm not actually guaranteed to get it.

To Read a Chunk a Data, But an easy R solution is to iteratively read the data in smaller-sized chunks that your computer can handle. Let's download a large CSV file from the University  reis3k wrote: So, I just iterate through every 4096 bytes of the file , and put the content to the byte[]. However, I didn't come up with a better idea, because when I wanna read this file again for a specific chunk (e.g frameID=15;), I have to start while loop from the beginning until I come up the frameId, then use the byte[].

  • Where are you reading this data from? Why do you need to wait?
  • dave what kind of file are you dealing with? XML text, mp3 , ect...I think a little bit more information would help your question.
  • hey david check out my revised answer. I let me know if that solves your question
  • yes, but in that case I still need to wait until I got all the chunks. my problem is that I have several chunks 1 to n... while I waiting the second chunk arrived, I would like to be able open the file. @cklab