How to resolve "Warning: debug info can be unavailable. Please close other application using ADB: Restart ADB integration and try again"

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I am having a slight issue when trying to debug and android app via usb to external device. I keep getting the error "Warning: debug info can be unavailable. Please close other application using ADB: Monitor, DDMS, Eclipse Restart ADB integration and try again Waiting for process:"

I have tried stopping adb.exe in task manager , closing android studio and restarting , taking out the cable and putting it back and going to tools => android uncheck adb intergration then recheck it . All to no avail

This is a problem of ADB connections as sometimes ADB cache a dead connection on your real/virtual device and due to which the port is busy and u cannot connect to it.

The simplest solution to this is RESTART your ANDROID phone that's it.

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It's an old question but I faced the same issue now. Following steps resolved my issue:

  1. Disconnect the device.

  2. Restart android studio.

  3. Run the project.

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I think OP may have already moved past this, but nonetheless what worked for me was to disable and re-enable usb debugging on the device.

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Simply go to your Android phone developer settings, disable USB debugging, delete all authorizations for USB debugging and turn the debugging on again.

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First make sure you close any application use ADB , DDMS

like if you open Eclipse with android studio

Second restart your ADB from terminal

adb kill-server
adb start-server

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  • I am not using eclipse on my machine at all
  • Back when I used eclipse, it happened for me all the time. the only solution for me was restarting computer, put cable in, start eclipse, in that exact order.
  • @Zidane did you solve it or not ?
  • Disconnecting the phone from the cable worked as well.
  • sud007 Not needed. May have worked for you but different people face this problem under different circumstances. Some phones stop their ports in use when cable is detached but not all.
  • I do not understand "not needed" as your forced opinion. However, different people have different problems is a correct one. And for the record, there is no specific problem hence, this is just a workaround and not a Solution.
  • sud007 not needed means no need to disconnect the cable if you work according the above way around. It will work for all phones
  • Even restarting system did not worked... but, this trick worked ;)
  • in my cmd and in my terminal I typed adb kill-server and I get 'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  • @Zidane in the terminal.
  • @Zidane if you run this two command then starting adb with no error.
  • I get that same error in the terminal do you have any other suggestions
  • @Zidane in /platform-tools try './adb kill-server' and './adb start-server'
  • How come this is the solution? Have you read the question?