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I'm using Xcode 4.3.1. Adding launch image is pretty simple -- just drag the image to the Project->Summary->Launch Images window.

So I set a launch image before and it worked. But when I dragged a different image and run the app on my iPhone again, the launch image still remain the same as the old one. Even after I delete the launch image from the Launch Images window, the old image still shows up upon launching.

I've tried clearing the build as well. Didn't work.

Help please. Very much appreciated!

You should delete the app from the device, then launch it again.

Launch Screen Image not Updating!!!, Previously the app had a Launch screen image which was added in LaunchScreen.xib and in the I have tried cleaning the build folder too, but it doesn't help. So, in your project settings, go to the section that says: App Icons and Launch Images Remove the information found in Launch Screen File if you do not want to use.xib file. Then, in Launch Image Source, Choose to migrate and if you have already created your LaunchImage file and added the images to it. Then click the asset catalog that shows up.

I had the same issue, but with launch storyboard. I had to rename the image I've used as a background.

Launch Image - Icons and Images - tvOS, Because launch images are static, any displayed text won't be localized. design a launch image that doesn't draw attention to the app launching experience. A life boat launch in to the sea through the waves Uk.large rib crashing through the waves Technological design in open space and missile launch. Technological futuristic design in open space and missile launch.The elements of this image furnished by Launch of the spaceship from the spaceport by day. Space shuttle in clouds of smoke on the

Deleting from the device didn't help with Xcode 4.5.1. The build process is caching the image. With a hint from Zorayr's answer to related question "Xcode, can't remove "Launch image" from project," I decided to track the cached image down and destroy it, so it wouldn't keep being built and showing up in my test App.

Eventually, I found that Xcode (at least 4.5) builds the images by default in the following path off your home directory:


So in addition to removing the old App image from the device (or simulator,) you also need to remove the image file(s) from the build cache. But just doing something like

rm ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/MyProject-fpwnjlbayydgzxcdlyrwxrwntapr/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/*.png

won't always solve your problem. Instead, you might get a strange error in a popup window saying something like "Signed product moved or deleted." (I can't reproduce it right now to get the exact text.) It doesn't show up in the log file, and it just hangs the build process (in Xcode 4.5.1.) To get around that, I deleted all of the files under the <ProjectName>.app/ directory tree and the sibling directory tree <ProjectName>.app.dSYM/ containing (seemingly) the symbol tables and signature files for the parallel products. The build process will then re-create everything with no more complaints.

Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps, For apps with several different screen designs, however, a launch image doesn't always help. Apps can have only one launch image, and they can't change  If you want to use a full screen static image on launch, you can use just a LaunchImage set in your .xcassets file. If you don't already have a .xcassets file in your project, add a new file like so: File > New > File > iOS Resource > Asset Catalog. Next, open your .xcassets file and right click > App Icons & Launch Images > New iOS Launch Image

What worked for me on iOS 10.2.1, iPhone 5s hardware test device, Xcode 8.2.1

I think it has nothing to do with Xcode. The test device appears to be caching the LaunchScreen.storyboard image. I needed to reboot my device by holding home + top button. Then I rebuilt, low and behold, the image updated.

iOS 7 Development Recipes: Problem-Solution Approach, For example, the launch image in Figure 1-46 doesn't contain any navigation bar buttons. These have been edited out, as have the elements in the status bar. Xcode 8 lost its mind and no longer lists Expected Size for launch screen images when empty OR full launch image slots are selected. Verified as of Xcode 8.1. Verified as of Xcode 8.1. – Alex Zavatone Dec 22 '16 at 0:02

Quit the simulator and then run the project again. For device, as mentioned in other answers, delete the app from the device and then run the app again.

Programming iOS 5: Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch , Resources build phase now so that it doesn't swell the final app's size unnecessarily. Launch. Images. There may be a delay between the moment when the user The launch image might be just a blank depiction of the main elements or  Avoid including text on your launch screen. Because the content in a launch screen doesn't change, any displayed text won’t be localized. Downplay launch. People value apps that let them quickly access content and perform tasks. Designing a launch screen that resembles an app’s interface creates the illusion that the app starts instantly.

Building Launch Screens, Double click on the LaunchImage.xcodeproj file to launch Xcode. If it doesn't exist, you may have forgotten to choose the proper location (the project's root  2. Boot an ISO Image Directly From VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a hugely popular free software to create and run virtual operating systems and it can run a virtual CD/DVD disc inside a virtual machine (VM) by using the computer’s real optical drive or an ISO image.

Cordova Plugin Splashscreen - Splashscreen, Legacy launch images: images are sized exactly for the device's screen size. Does not support the iPad Pro 12.9's native resolution or split-screen/slide-over  Is there an Android equivalent to the "Launch Image" like for iOS. The image that appears as the app is initializing. On Android, I just get a black screen while it loads.

Legacy launch images not working on ios, However the legacy launch image slot for iPads should still work, we'll Using replace or even deleting the previous iOS build doesn't fix it. The launcher is a native executable whose purpose is to start up a Java Virtual Machine and run ImageJ 1.x, Fiji or ImageJ2 in it. It is used in the Fiji distribution as well as in ImageJ2. Source. The ImageJ launcher source code lives on GitHub. Purpose. The launcher provides a platform-specific entry point into the ImageJ Java application.