How to change an <input> field's VALUE attribute in real time with JavaScript?

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I want to change the value of an input field in real time as the user types in another input field, preferably using regular JS and not JQuery.

Example: User types a random value into #input_1, and at the SAME TIME, #input_2 receives whatever the user is typing and sets it at its value.

If the user deletes a number from the #input_1 value, #input_2 follows and deletes the same number from its value.

This all in real time and preferably without a button press to trigger the function that does this.

Easy ;)

<input id="input1" onkeyup="document.getElementById('input2').value=this.value" />
<input id="input2" />

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There are lots of ways to implement this. Here's how I would do it:


<input id="sourceField" />
<input id="destinationField" />


// When the page is done loading and rendering...
window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', ()=>{
    // Get the appropriate elements
    const sourceField = document.getElementById('sourceField')
    const destinationField = document.getElementById('destinationField')

    // When the user types some input into the first text field...
    sourceField.addEventListener('input', ()=>{
        // Set the value of the destination field to the value of the source field.
        destinationField.value = sourceField.value

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you can do it like this

You need to select the first input (on an event) and take value from that input and update in the second one.

function handle(e){
  var input1 = document.getElementById('input1').value;
  document.getElementById('input2').value = input1;
<input id='input1' onkeyup="handle()" value=""/>
<input id='input2'  value="" />

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  • Did you google this?
  • @YaakovAinspan Tried, but couldn't find anything that fits what I'm looking for.
  • inp1.oninput=x=>inp2.value=inp1.value;
  • This took me less than a minute to do :)
  • Without capturing a button press the only way would be to use a timeout/interval. That would be way less efficient.
  • This will certainly work, but in general it is recommended to not use inline Javascript attributes. Doing so encourages repetitiveness of code and blurs the separation of concerns.
  • @RobertAKARobin Depends on the use dude ;)
  • Do you need the DOMContentLoaded? As long as it's below the element it should be fine
  • @YaakovAinspan You're correct, but we don't know where OP will be putting this JS, so I prefer to include it.
  • I'd be adding it to the page itself, if that's what you mean. Not in a separate .js file.
  • @PolarDog Regardless of whether your JS is in a separate file or inline in your HTML, if the <script> element that loads it comes after the <input> elements in your HTML, you don't need the DOMContentLoaded. But I like putting my <script> elements in the <head> of my HTML.
  • I keep it just under my <head> but above my <body>.