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I have to make a function which reverses words that have been written in an char array.

char reverse(char m[50]) {
    for (int i = 0; i <= m['\0']; i++) {
        for (int j = m['\0']-1; j >= m[0]; j--) {
            m[i] = m[j];

This is the code I have in mind which would output something like this:

Input: I am new Output: wen ma I

What I need is:

Input: I am new Output: I ma wen

Hope you understood what I meant here as I am quite new to programming and really need help with this.

If you want a c++ solution then the following should work:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>

int main()
    std::string str = "I am new";
    auto begin = str.begin();
    while (begin != str.end())
        auto end = std::find(begin, str.end(), ' ');
        std::reverse(begin, end);
        if (end == str.end())
        begin = end + 1;
    std::cout << str << "\n";

How to output each word in a char array backwards, You can print you C-style string backwards whith this one-liner: reverse_copy(​word,word+strlen(word),ostream_iterator<char>(cout));. Output: Reversed string is: !em esreveR Using swap() Below is another efficient way to reverse a string in Java using character array – Create a character array and initialize it with characters of given string using String.toCharArray(). Start from the two end points l and h of the given string. Run the loop till two end-points intersect (l <= h). In each iteration of the loop, swap values present at indexes l & h and increment l & decrement h.

Since not only a space may delimiter words also other whitespaces should be considered.

#include <iostream>

bool IsWhiteSpaceOrEnd(char c) {
    switch (c) {
    case ' ':
    case '\t':
    case '\r':
    case '\n':
    case 0:
        return true;
    return false;

void ReverseWord(char* begin, char* end) {
    while (begin < end) {
        char temp = *begin;
        *begin = *end;
        *end = temp;

void ReverseEachWord(char* str) {
    char* begin = str;
    while (0 != *begin) {
        char* end = begin + 1;
        // find next end of word
        while (!IsWhiteSpaceOrEnd(*end)) {
        // reverse the word between begin and end
        ReverseWord(begin, end);
        begin = end;
        // go forward to the next begin of a word
        while ((0 != *begin) && IsWhiteSpaceOrEnd(*begin)) {

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    char* text = strdup("I am new");
    return 0;

printing a char array backwards c++ using loops, All Data Structures · Array · LinkedList · Stack · Queue · Binary Tree · Binary Search Tree · Heap · Hashing One of the solutions is given in Reverse words in a string . Property: %s will get all the values until it gets NULL i.e. '\0'. Step 2: Put a NULL character at the position of space character and print the string after it​. In this post, we will see how to print contents of an array in reverse order in C++. 1. Using Array Indices. Naive solution would be to loop through the elements of the array and print each element.

I'd convert the char array input and output to strings, at least for processing. You can convert the result back to char array if you really need that.

string ReverseText(const string& text)
    string word(""), result("");

    for (const auto& character : text)
        if (!isspace(character))
            word += character;  // Build the next word to reverse
            std::reverse(word.begin(), word.end()); // Reverse the completed word
            result += word + character; // Add your processed word to the result
            word = "";  // Clear word variable for next iteration

    std::reverse(word.begin(), word.end()); // Don't forget the last word built
    return result + word;

Print words of a string in reverse order, Given a string str, we need to print reverse of individual words. Examples: Traverse given string and push all characters. // to stack until String result = Arrays. We can use a simple for loop to process each character of the String in reverse direction. This approach is very effective for strings having less characters. class Main { // Iterate over a String backwards public static void main (String[] args) { String s = "Reverse String"; // using simple for loop for (int i = s.length() - 1; i >= 0; i--) { System.out.print(s.charAt(i)); } } }

Reverse individual words, Memory management. Right now, your code leaks memory--every time you call reverse , it allocates some memory, and none of your other  Different methods to reverse a string in C/C++ Given a string, write a C/C++ program to reverse it. Write own reverse function by swapping characters: One simple solution is to write our own reverse function to reverse a string in C++ .

Reverse a word in the char array, This will reverse your ArrayList and you will have all the words in reverse order, now is nothing but a character array, but the tricky part is you don't need to reverse array but to reverse words. i need the program for the output string reverse Declare a string array str. Now, store each word in a string array by checking that if the character in sentence reach whitespace or not using isspace () function. Now, print each word using the index of string array from last to 0 giving whitespace after each word. CPP code to reverse words in a given string without using any built-in function

How to reverse words in String Java? [Solution], Store each word of the input string in the separate rows of the 2-D array. 3. The program output is also shown below. /* reads into 2d character array */ 1) Do you want to reverse the word into a separate string? 2) Or do you want to reverse the the string in place? If (1), just loop through the string from the back to front and copy each character into a new string. (2) is just a little harder - you have to work from both ends at the same time. 3) Are you using string or a char array?