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I currently have a list of 25,000+ server names. Each name has a ton of extra stuff added on to the name, which I want to remove. Here is a sample data:

WindowsAuthServer @{htew804WIN}

I want to remove "WindowsAutherServer @{" and "WIN}" from each server, leaving just "htew804" left. I currently have:

$remove1 = $file -remove "WindowsAutherServer @{",""
$final = $remove1 -remove "WIN}",""

This works, but I would like to do it all in one step if possible. Can this be done?

This RegEx could do it in one go:

$str = "WindowsAuthServer @{htew804WIN}"
$str -replace '.*?{(.*?)WIN}','$1'

How do I edit multiple items at once?, AnyList allows you to perform actions on items in bulk such as adding to favorites, assigning stores, changing categories, and more. 1. Tap the Actions (. There are several great third-party Clipboard tools that will force the Clipboard to store multiple items, but thanks to a recent feature update the native Clipboard in Windows 10 now has a “Clipboard History” feature that allows it to store multiple items that can be “pasted” at any time with a simple keystroke combination.

Think about what you want to keep instead.

"WindowsAuthServer @{htew804WIN}" | foreach { $x = $_ -match '\@\{(.+)WIN}' ; $Matches[1] }

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This can easily be done using String.Substring() and String.LastIndexOf() methods:

$str = "WindowsAuthServer @{htew804WIN}"
$str.Substring(($open = $str.LastIndexOf('{') + 1), $str.LastIndexOf('}') - $open - 3)

We first use String.LastIndexOf('{') to find the last occurrence of {, then (using that as an offset) calculate the length until just before WIN}

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Or this one:

$str = "WindowsAuthServer @{htew804WIN}"

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Arrange multiple items at once in Illustrator, You could use a blend, then expand. This will give you stacked objects. enter image description here. In this case the blue is below the red in the stacking order. If you have multiple items in an order and they are shipped separately, you will have an installment plan for each shipment. The perk? You’ll never be in a situation where you pay for an item that you haven’t received.

How do I edit multiple items at once?, Heartland Retail gives you the capability to update items in bulk with our import/​export feature. Navigate to "inventory" in the top navigation menu and select  You can list multiple identical items in one listing. When you create a fixed price listing, you specify a Buy It Now price for each item. Buyers can purchase your items immediately without bidding and waiting for an auction to end.

  • @AnsgarWiechers Escaping the literal curly braces wasn't neccessary here, but would escaping them from being a quantifier slow down or speed up processing?
  • @LotPings I'm not that versed in regular expressions, but since they should be parsed as literal characters here I wouldn't expect an adverse effect on performance. The leading .*? probably has a more significant effect.
  • @TobyU There was nothing wrong with the $ anchor. In fact, anchoring expressions is good practice. However, ^.* (or .*$ for that matter) aren't actually anchoring anything due to the .*.