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I got this case: when I execute http://localhost:8080/customer/system/ipaddr which should access the method in the controller I receive this error message:

This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

I got a very similar structure for other classes where it's working without any issues. Looking for the error for some time now and I have no idea why it is not working..

If you need any further information just let me know.


public class CustomerController {

    private CustomerProviderComponent customerProviderComponent;
    private CartRequestComponent cartRequestComponent;

    public CustomerController(CustomerProviderComponent customerProviderComponent, CartRequestComponent cartRequestComponent) {
        this.customerProviderComponent = checkNotNull(customerProviderComponent);
        this.cartRequestComponent = checkNotNull(cartRequestComponent);

    public String getIpAddr() {
        List<String> response;
        response = runSystemCommandAndGetResponse(IP_ADDR);
        return new Gson().toJson(response);


public static final String CUSTOMER_SERVICE = "/customer";
public static final String GET_IP_ADDR = "/system/ipaddr";

Okay, I am very sorry. The problem was something totally different. I am deploying these applications in a kubernetes cluster. In the deployment script I simply pulled the wrong image from docker hub due to much copy / pasting..

So the error was this line in the deployment script: image: myrepo/articleservice:1.0.4

Adding image: myrepo/catalogservice:1.0.4 to the deployment script solved the issue.

The worst thing was that I had no error logs, but @Praveen E made me having a closer look again, so thank you!

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I am not seeing your application context over this link:


Usually you will have something like this:


Unless you are deploying your app to the root of the server.

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yup,You can able to call it.Make sure that code is running in you local as well as the method name you are calling is not get duplicated

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  • There must be an error that is occuring when you are trying to invoke /customer/system/ipaddr and on error it is trying to take you to some error page. Could you please go to your application logs and copy paste the stack trace ?
  • The app is deployed to the root. localhost:8080 points at the application