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In my Javascript code, I get one very long line as a string. This one line only has around 65'000 letters. Example:


What I have to do is replace all & with an break (\n) first and then pick only the line which starts with "path_of_code=". This line I have to write in a variable.

The part with replace & with an break (\n) I already get it, but the second task I didn't.

    var obj = document.getElementById('div_content');
    var contentJS= obj.value;
    var splittedResult;
    splittedResult = contentJS.replace(/&/g, '\n');

What is the fastest way to do it? Please note, the list is usually very long.

It sounds like you want to extract the text after &path_of_code= up until either the end of the string or the next &. That's easily done with a regular expression using a capture group, then using the value of that capture group:

var rex = /&path_of_code=([^&]+)/;
var match = rex.exec(theString);
if (match) {
    var text = match[1];

Live Example:

var theString = "config=123&url=http://localhost/example&path_of_code=blablaba&link=kjslfdjs...";
var rex = /&path_of_code=([^&]+)/;
var match = rex.exec(theString);
if (match) {
    var text = match[1];

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Use combination of String.indexOf() and String.substr()

var contentJS= "123&url=http://localhost/example&path_of_code=blablaba&link=kjslfdjs...";

var index = contentJS.indexOf("&path_of_code"),
    substr = contentJS.substr(index+1),
    res = substr.substr(0, substr.indexOf("&"));


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but the second task I didn't.

You can use filter() and startsWith()

splittedResult = splittedResult.filter(i => i.startsWith('path_of_code='));

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  • " replace all & with an break (\n) first" - Why? This operation on its own doesn't make much sense or would in any way make the task even easier.
  • Good point, but I have to. Reason: I have to display it, even I am working only with one element.
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/901115/…
  • Thank you very much! It works, but how can I handle, if there are two "path_of_code" ? If there are two of them, I have to work with both of them. but sparatly. I think the best way would be, write the result into an array, what do you think?
  • @EmbaBakar - If you add a g flag to the regex, you can call exec again on the same string to get the next occurrence. So you could loop until exec returns null to get all the occurrences. What you do with each occurrence is up to you: Process it as you go through the string, or store them in an array and process them afterward, or... It's up to you.