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I need to compare two strings, one of which uses '*' as a wildcard. I was thinking of using either an iterative or recursive method when I realized that RegEx would perform the task more quickly. Unfortunately, I am new to RegEx, and am not sure how to do this.

If I sent in the pattern "He**o", then "Hello" and "He7(o" should return true, but "Hhllo" should return false.

Assuming that you mean * to be a single-character wildcard, the correct substitution in a Regex pattern is a dot (.):

string pattern = "He**o";
string regexPattern = pattern.Replace("*",".");

Regex.IsMatch("Hello",regexPattern); // true
Regex.IsMatch("He7)o",regexPattern); // true
Regex.IsMatch("he7)o",regexPattern); // false
Regex.IsMatch("he7)o",regexPattern, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); // true

You might also want to anchor the pattern with ^ (start of string) and $ (end of string):

regexPattern = String.Format("^{0}$", pattern.Replace("*","."));

If you expect it to be able to parse input strings with special characters, you'll can escape all other characters like this:

string regexPattern = String.Join(".",pattern.Split("*".ToCharArray())
                                             .Select(s => Regex.Escape(s)).ToArray());

String matching where one string contains wildcard characters , comparisons, and comparisons of only the first N characters of two strings. Using the EQ operator to compare the first 3 characters of the strings "Moose" and to compare a search string containing wildcard characters to another string​. Compare two strings with wildcard. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 5k times 0. I want to compare two strings. I want to be able to say that s1 is

Make Regex using "He..lo"

This is a case that will not be recognized

Regex r = new Regex("He..o");
string test = "Hhleo";
bool sucess = r.Match(a).Success;

This is a case that will be recognized

Regex r = new Regex("He..o");
string test = "He7)o";
bool sucess = r.Match(a).Success;

Comparing Strings, Method to compare Strings with wildcard characters: The following wildcards can be used in patterns: ' ? ' - any single character; ' * ' - zero or  The following will work with an input string containing a single *. Start comparing one character at a time at the start of your input word. If you encounter a *, compare both strings from the last character, backwards. When you have a non-match, return 0; If you encounter the * you are done. On a non-match, return 0. (Add.:

Compare the strings by using the char index in a for loop. If the pattern char (wildcard) appears, ignore the comparison and move on to the next comparison.

private bool Compare(string pattern, string compare)
    if (pattern.Length != compare.Length)
        //strings don't match
        return false;

    for(int x = 0, x < pattern.Length, x++)
        if (pattern[x] != '*')
            if (pattern[x] != compare[x])
                return false;
    return true;

Use wildcard Characters * and ? to Compare Strings, Matches a string against a wildcard string such as "*.*" or "bl?h.*" etc. This is good for file globbing or to match hostmasks. Comparing strings with wildcards. Learn more about wildcards, string, strings, compare

That's exactly what I've done in php today. When you add this:

if (pattern[x] != '*' && compare[x] != '*')

Then both strings can have wildcards. (hope that && means logical AND like in php)

Wildcard string compare (globbing), Hey. Is there anyone who knows an easy way (a function or something) that compares two strings, where one of them contains wildcard characters? Suppose we want to search for two different sets of text (“AT” or “DE”) and return the word “Europe” if either of these text strings are discovered in the searched text. We will combine the original formula with an OR function to search for multiple text strings.

Easy way to compare two strings containing wildcard characters , Comparing strings with wildcards. Learn more about wildcards, string, strings, compare. It compares any two strings and returns the results as “Zero (0)” if both the strings are matching and if both supplied strings are not matching then we would get “One (1)” as the result. In VBA or excel, we face plenty of different scenarios one such scenario is “comparing two string values”.

Comparing strings with wildcards - MATLAB Answers, Input two strings where string 1 contains wildcard characters. Check both the strings character by character. If a character of string 1 contains a '*'  The question mark wildcard (?) means "one character", so COUNTIF returns the number 1 when the text consists of 11 characters with two hyphens, as described by the pattern. If cell contents do not match this pattern, COUNTIF returns zero. When the count is 1, the IF function returns an empty string ("").

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