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When I am trying to push to my remote git repository, but it is taking forever and nothing happens. I waited for so long, but push is never getting finished. My OS is Ubuntu 12.10. Thank you.

Try using the --verbose option to see what actually happens. Even if you did small changes, some internal things might cause git to push a lot more data.

Have a look at git gc. It cleans up your local repository and might speed up things, depending on you issue. Backup strongly advised.

Pushing to Git is extremely slow · Issue #1130 · atom/github · GitHub, Pushing with git push from the terminal takes less than 5 seconds. Actual behavior: Pushing in Atom takes several minutes. Reproduces how  VSCode Version: Code 1.6.1 (9e4e44c, 2016-10-13T15:27:10.246Z) OS Version: Darwin x64 14.3.0 Extensions: Steps to Reproduce:

Ensure you're using the right protocol.

Depending on how you have your local configurations set up, you might need to use https to connect. To do so, switch the protocol for the remote repository from the[user]/[repo] protocol to the[user]/[repo].git protocol.

Also, it's worth trying vice versa, if you're unable to use the https protocol. On older configurations, the older git@github user authentication will often allow you to connect as a fall back.

Solved: pull/push takes forever, I've been using only git command line tools on Terminal and wanted to use sourcetree this time. However, I found that pull/push takes forever  I just downloaded and installed sourcetree (version 2.7.6 177) on my macOS (version 10.13.6). I've been using only git command line tools on Terminal and wanted to use sourcetree this time. However, I found that pull/push takes forever and stops. Below is a screenshot of one of the examples.

I had the same problem. If you are using, I don't know why, but disabling IPV6 connection fixed the problem.

Solved: Git pull and push dialog is really really slow, an, I have a frequent need to run "git pull" or "git push", which uses the current branch​. In terminal, it's incredibly fast. But in sourcetree, it pops up a dialog and takes  We have a git repo that is quite large (ios app resources). I appreciate that git is going to be slow when working with it, but if I create a new branch and edit a couple of files (not binary ones) and push, it takes forever. It feels like the entire repo is being pushed. I was under the impression that git would only send the diff, is that wrong?

One possibility might be that you have large binary file(s) commited in the latest commit. git is not good at working with binary file. If commiting binary files was a mistake, you can refer to following answer for getting rid of binary file in commit.

Pushing takes a long time - Getting Help, Hi, I'm trying to host a git repository with Gogs. The repository contains Then the afterwards push takes a very long time. On the server side I  I just installed the latest version of git-for-windows on my win 10 laptop. While local operations are quite fast, remote operations like push or pull take a VERY long time.

Please check the permission rights on the remote dir. In my case, after setting the correct permissions by chown -R /dir, the commit is correctly finished:

$ git push --verbose
Pushing to ssh://'s password:
Counting objects: ...
Total 123 (delta 21), reused 16 (delta 12)
To ssh://
 * [new branch]      master -> master
updating local tracking ref 'refs/remotes/origin/master'

Git push takes forever, git fetch taking a long time git push hangs bitbucket git gc takes forever git pull slow windows. When I am trying to push to my remote git repository, but it is taking  Git Push Fails - fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Wrong Git Clone URL When Using Proxy Unable to clone Stash Repository with HTTP transport over haproxy using Windows Git clients

How to speed up GIT PUSH, Git is not really made for binaries, so i am not surprised about the slow speeds you get. I believe Github even have a 1-2gb size limit on  I've seen no progress being reported by GIT when it encounters a very large file. I've used a performance monitor to check that the communication is still happening. If you see that grinding to a halt, things will take forever to push.

Git push slow, Git push slow. git push --set-upstream origin newBranch. 0 from 'matching' to '​simple'. When starting Git Bash is already slow, edit the file /etc/profile and insert a  For a few months now I think, whenever I'm pushing/pulling/cloning (or i guess doing other network related GIT operations) it takes forever before anything actually seems to happen. That is, it takes around 1 minute before it starts fulfilling the task.

Git push slow, Git push slow. 0 git Visual Studio 15 Preview 5 repos Nikola Mihaylov reported Oct 07, 2016 at 03:35 AM GIT push command is very slow on CentOS, Apache I  If you run git status on the command line in that folder, the push has already happened - it just seems like the button gets stuck in the animated [⬆ Pushing] state for a few minutes. This also means that you can't use the Git panel until it thinks it's finished, which is annoying. faustoct commented on Mar 14, 2019

  • Can you browse github manually? are you behind a proxy? What happens when you add --verbose? We need more info to help you
  • Yes, I am able to do everything else , Pull , fetch , commit locally and browse through github. The only problem is while pushing. It never happens I waited for so long ,so many times. Some times I got No fast-forward error, But then i pulled from repository to resolve it and when I pushed, then it just goes on but never ends.
  • Please provide more info. Are you using ssh or https remote url? How big is your repository? Is it possible that repository is hundreds of megabytes because of some commit you did recently with a huge binary files?
  • How long is "forever"?
  • @WaleedKhan ∞ seconds. :-)
  • This worked for me again today. But it was switching to the git@github protocol that worked. For me, it might have to do with some config options on GitExtensions, which is the git client I'm using.