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I have a list of items. Each item has its description (the description is different for each item, but its structure remains the same) that looks kind of like that:

[description] => Flat sandal <br />Blush<br />Laminated leather<br />Intertwining straps<br />Low heel: 0.5cm<br />

        Product code: 5276870PS006703 <br /> Made in: Italy<br />Composition: 100%Calfskin

I need to delete the part "Product code: (random numbers and letters)" for every item description. I thought about using string_replace, but it would only work for replacing the words 'Product code', but not the numbers and letters, because they are different for every item. I also tried:

$description = delete_all_between("Product code:", "<br />", $description);

But it didn't work. Not sure what else I can try.

Thank you

Use the preg_replace()-function

$result = preg_replace('/product\s+code[^>]*\>/is', '', $input);

Regular Expression

look for    "product"
followed by \s+ (one or more spaces, tabs,...)
followed by "code"
followed by [^>]* (an unspecified amount of charakters that are not ">")
followed by \> an ">" (\ is es for escaping)


i = ignore upper/lowercase
s = search multiple lines

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You can adapt the following code:

$description = 'Flat sandal <br />Blush<br />Laminated leather<br />Intertwining straps<br />Low heel: 0.5cm<br />

        Product code: 5276870PS006703 <br /> Made in: Italy<br />Composition: 100%Calfskin';
$pattern = '/Product code:\s*\w*\s*<br />/';
$replacement = '';
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $description);

final output:

Flat sandal 
Laminated leather
Intertwining straps
Low heel: 0.5cm
Made in: Italy
Composition: 100%Calfskin


preg_replace is a php function that will replace in an input string a specific pattern defined by a regex by a replacement

The regex used Product code:\s*\w*\s*<br /> demo will match strings that starts by Product code: followed by some space chars, followed by some word chars, more space chars before ending by the html <br /> (Regex quicksheet).

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You need to look at preg_replace, which uses regex and give you a lot of power to target whatever you after.

Something like

$string = 'Flat sandal <br />Blush<br />Laminated     leather<br/>Intertwining straps<br />Low heel: 0.5cm<br />Product code: 5276870PS006703 <br /> Made in: Italy<br />Composition:';
$pattern = '/Product code: (w+) /i';
$replacement = '';
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $string);

Hope that helps

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  • Use a regular expression replacement.