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I am using Selenium IDE for the first and has no knowledge of automation scripting. So far i am able to manage using IDE but one issue is I am not able to select a value from drop down list randomly rather entering the index or label values manually every time.

Can anyone please help me with this.

Thank You

I tried the below and it worked

Command: Select

Target : element Locator eg : id = card

Value : index=1

'select' command in Selenium IDE for selecting an option in a drop , Example: In order to select a value in the drop down field, we need to use the '​select' command in Selenium IDE, locator strategy of the drop down field and  In this tutorial, we will learn how to handle Drop Down and Multiple Select Operations. Select Option from Drop-Down Box. Before we can control drop-down boxes, we must do following two things: Import the package; Instantiate the drop-down box as a "Select" object in WebDriver

Use command select(selectLocator, optionLocator), 'selectLocator' is the Id of the drop down from which the value is being selected and the 'optionLocator' is the value being selected.

For eg: say a drop down having Id="//select[@id='type'" with values like 'TypeA, TypeB, TypeC,...'. If you are selecting 'TypeA' from the drop down, your command should go like this:"//select[@id='type']", "label=TypeA");

I hope this will solve your problem.

selectAndWait, select, select (target, pattern), selectAndWait (target, pattern) - Selenium IDE The purpose of select and selectAndWait is to select a value from drop down/combo box or For example instead of label=RPA software you can use label=*PA softwar*. Select class in selenium provided the provision to select and deselect the options from the listbox using three approaches they are: by index , by value and Visible Text, Lets discuss the different approached of selection of option from drop down list box one by on. How to select value from dropdown using selenium webdriver?

General approach is firstly click on the element and then select value from the element.

For Clicking : 1.Command : click : element locator like xpath/id/class of the element eg. xpath=xpath of the element

For Selecting value: 1.Command : select : same element locator used for clicking 3.Value : Visible text you want to select / Index (You will get it by inspecting that element)

SELENIUM IDE, There is no HTML code you are using and therefore we cannot evaluate what is going wrong here, but suspect this: 1) Read select command  Anyway, to select an option By.Id (), then you can follow the below steps:-. Create a new object for handling a dropdown element. Select dropdown = new Select (driver.findElement ( (" element-id "))); Select an option from the dropdown element by its id attribute.

First get the total number of items in the dropdown. Use getSelectOptions to get an array of options of the select box. Then generate a random integer between 0 (inclusive) and the length of the array (exclusive. Then use select with an index locator to select the randomly chosen option.

Selenium IDE Select Command, In this tutorial, we will learn how to handle Drop Down and Multiple Select Operations. Select Option from Drop-Down Box. Before we can  I actually figured out the problem - it's an issue with Kendo UI not supporting drop-downs properly. Basically the workaround is the click the drop-down arrow, then use sendKeys and point to the same Target as the drop-down with the value being whatever item you want from the list, then clicking the drop-down again.

Use Command: KeyDown Target:css=input.comboboxname Value: \40

\40 is Down-Arrow Ascii value

then use \13 to make selection in value.(put value for command and Target same.)

Manage Dropdown List by automation Selenium IDE (Bangla Voice , New Selenium IDE – Using 'select' command for selecting a dropdown option And 'label=doc 4' needs to be entered to the 'Value' field in Selenium IDE,  There are two more alternatives to select option value from drop down or list box in selenium webdriver software testing tool. 1. Selecting Option By Value and 2. Selecting Option By Index. You can use any one from these three to select value from list box of your software web

How to Select Value from DropDown using Selenium Webdriver, In this article, you will study how to select values from dropdown in Selenium WebDriver. Before moving Selecting Values from Dropdown using Selenium WebDriver. Photo of Step 1: Launch Eclipse IDE. Step 2: Go to File  I am using the Selenium IDE and I cannot select an item from the kendo dropdown menu that I want. Does anybody know how to do this with the Selenium IDE? (or else in C# but I wouldn't be able to test that for a while).

New Selenium IDE – Using 'select' command for selecting a , Purpose of "select" command is to select label from drop down/combo box or list box. New Test. Command, Target, Value. open, http://only-testing-  If you know, In selenium IDE software testing tool we can select value from drop down list using " select " or " addSelection " command. Now let me give you example of how to select value from drop down list in webdriver.

Selecting Values from Dropdown using Selenium WebDriver -, It takes a parameter of int which is the index value of Select element and it returns nothing. Command – oSelect.selectByIndex(int); Example – Refer the above Screen shot of YEAR Drop Down* Code – To select the value 2010 using index.

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