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So, I'm trying to pass an argument to a method that I want to participate in multithreading. So, I wrote code that looks like this:

    new Thread (Go(ineedthis)).Start();

  static void Go(string ineedthis)
    lock (locker)
      if (!done) { Console.WriteLine ("Done"); done = true; }

However, I can't pass the argument ineedthis, because it will give an error when you insert it like I did in the first line. Conversely, if you don't give an argument when making the thread for the method, it will also give an error.

So, how does one pass an argument to a method when creating a thread?

Thanks! Note: I just started c# yesterday, so I'm totally new to this. Please explain well so I get more out of it!

EDIT - Errors:

Error   1   The best overloaded method match for 'System.Threading.Thread.Thread(System.Threading.ParameterizedThreadStart)' has some invalid arguments     23  21  test

Error   2   Argument 1: cannot convert from 'method group' to 'System.Threading.ParameterizedThreadStart'   23  32  test

I think you are looking for something more like this:

  var t = new Thread (Go); 

You first create a thread that details what the method will be when run on the background thread. You then start the thread, passing in any parameters as needed. See MSDN for more info.

C++11 Multithreading – Part 3: Carefully Pass Arguments to Threads , To Pass arguments to thread's associated callable object or function just pass additional arguments to the std::thread constructor. By default all  C++11 Multithreading – Part 3: Carefully Pass Arguments to Threads. To Pass arguments to thread’s associated callable object or function just pass additional arguments to the std::thread constructor. By default all arguments are copied into the internal storage of new thread.

You need a ParameterizedThreadStart delegate:

new Thread (Go).Start(ineedthis);

and the method signature needs to be object ineedthis, not string ineedthis:

static void Go(object ineedthis)
  string data = (string)ineedthis;
  lock (locker)
    if (!done) { Console.WriteLine ("Done"); done = true; }

Passing Parameters to Java Threads, The first way we can send a parameter to a thread is simply providing it to our Runnable or Callable in their constructor. Let's create an  There are two ways of passing arguments to a method (function/subroutine): 1. Call by Value. This method copies the value of an argument into the formal parameter of the method. Therefore, changes made to the parameter of the method are limited to that method only and there is no impact of changes on the argument.

You can use Task Parallel Library for this.

Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Go("test"));

Passing parameters to a thread, Another way to pass data is to use the Thread. Start method by accepting an object that can be passed to another thread. To work this way, a method that we started in another thread must accept one single parameter of the type object . This option is illustrated by creating a threadTwo thread. Answer: Argument / parameter to a thread function can be passed in multiple ways and here is the 2 ways to pass parameter to a thread in C# Using parameter in Thread.Start () method Using ParameterizedThreadStart class delegate. Pass parameter to thread in C# – 2 ways

This should also work:

new Thread (() => Go(ineedthis)).Start();

That wraps the method call inside a zero-argument lambda that is assignable to a ThreadStart.

C# Program to pass Parameter to a Thread, Above, threadDemo is our thread function. Now pass a parameter to the thread − thread.Start(str);. The parameter set above is − String str  No you can't pass parameters to the run() method. The signature tells you that (it has no parameters). Probably the easiest way to do this would be to use a purpose-built object that takes a parameter in the constructor and stores it in a final variable:

    Thread workerThread = new Thread (() => go("example"));

Pass Arguments To Method When Multithreading, how to pass parameter in run() method in java how to pass variable from one thread to another in java java executorservice pass parameter multithreading in  In my introduction to Python threading I do not pass arguments to any of the functions I run in treads. There are two ways to pass arguments in Python, I'll cover both. Argument List. The first type of argument is the simple kind. The ones that are just listed with the function, like name in the example below:

Multithreading in C++11 standard (part 1), Passing parameters to a thread function. Passing parameters to a new thread in C++11 is as simple as passing the parameters to a callable object. It is important​  The Thread.Start method has an overloaded form that allows code to pass an object from main thread to a new thread. The object can be a simple data type or it can be a complex data type. The Thread class constructor takes either a ThreadStart delegate or a ParemeterizedThreadStart delegate.

Python Threading Basics, Threading allows us to call a method or class that has extended the threading. To pass arguments to a method when creating the thread, we can pass a tasks running on multiple cores, look at the multiprocessing module. Using the Adapter class template, you can pass arguments to thread functions, albeit with a little extra syntax. If you want to pass more than one argument, just add another type and member variable to Adapter.

Passing arguments to pthread function, When we define the function hello(void *) , this function can accept a pointer as an argument. In this example we just pass one string to the function, what if we  For a static method, the delegate constructor requires only one parameter: the address of the callback method, qualified by the class name. The ParameterizedThreadStart delegate and the Thread.Start(Object) method overload make it easy to pass data to a thread procedure, but this technique is not type safe because any object can be passed to

  • What is the error message you are getting?
  • possible duplicate of How to pass parameters to ThreadStart method in Thread?
  • Didn't work, errors same as posted above. Second line didn't throw anything, first line got mad
  • Change your Go method to be Go(object ineedthis)