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I have a backend service written in WebApi and front end with AngularJS. From backend I have returned DateTime as below

public async Task<DateTime> GetDateTime(Guid id)
    DateTime dateTime = GetDateTime();
    return dateTime;

Inside angular controller I have received response like this

    id: $
function(data) {
    $scope.minSelectedScheduleDate = new Date(data);
    $scope.isBusy = false;
function(response) {
    $scope.isBusy = false;

But minSelectedScheduleDate become invalid date.

When I tried to see the data into console I saw something like this:

Resource {
    0: "2",
    1: "0",
    2: "1",
    3: "6",
    4: "-",
    5: "1",
    6: "0",
    7: "-",
    8: "2",
    9: "8",
    10: "T",
    11: "1",
    12: "1",
    13: ":",
    14: "3",
    15: "0",
    16: ":",
    17: "0",
    18: "0"

My question is, how can I receive a valid Date in Angular Controller?

You should be getting back a date as a string in ISO8601 format from your web api. To convert a string to a date you need to call the parse method on date.

$scope.minSelectedScheduleDate = Date.parse(data);

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I think you get date as response in object format of string, so try this

function(data) {
    var dateString="";
    for(var prop in data)
    $scope.minSelectedScheduleDate=new Date(dateString);

convert WebApi response from c# object to JSON, Yes i have it. The key was to keep it simple. Many thanks to Scott. Now my method works fine and provides the data in the Json format which i wanted! Here the  Download Web API starter app. Register OData. Add the Microsoft.AspNetCore.OData NuGet package to the project. Update the ConfigureServices method in Startup.cs with the following highlighted code:

The problem is I am returning DateTime object directly. If I return an anonymous object from my controller, then Javascript deserialize everything fine. Here is my current controller:

public async Task<DateTime> GetDateTime(Guid id)
    DateTime dateTime = GetDateTime();
    return new
        ScheduleDate = dateTime

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We have an Angular application that returns a revisionDate: Date property from a WebApi service. The first thing we do to it after it loads to convert it to a javascript Date like so:

// convert WebApi date format to javascript format
myJsonObject.revisionDate = new Date(myJsonObject.revisionDate.toString());

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  • Sorry, this is not working. It says $scope.minSelectedScheduleDate is NaN
  • @EmdadulSawon - are you awaiting all tasks inside of your GetDateTime action? Can you share the angular service code for service.getDateTime?