Creating a task as a bug in Phabricator

I am new to phabricator.

I am trying to create a bug on Phabricator for a project.

All I am seeing is create a task. No sub category of that task that whether it is a bug/backlogItem etc.

Thanks in Advance

In Phabricator you don't have bugs as separate thing. All are tasks. You can think that bug are task with high priority.

Although you can add a custom field to indicate if they are bug, improvements or what you want. If you want to know more about custom fields, so you can add a field "type", see

Phabricator/Help/Task Creation URL, Task forms get a "subtype" option, which allows you to define that a particular form creates or edits "plant" tasks or "animal" tasks. When we build  For example, this install has four forms for creating/editing tasks: "New Bug", "New Feature", "Basic Edit" and "Advanced Edit/Create". The "New Bug" and "New Feature" forms offer a limited set of fields with some prefilled defaults and custom help text. The "Basic Edit" form allows users who file those tasks to edit some basic properties.

You can now set task type while creating a task

T12314 Support formal task subtypes (like "bug" vs , manipest; click Create Task; configure form; edit form configuration. Expected This does not describe a bug in Phabricator. I've reviewed the  A Phabricator task is something that can define things like bugs, user stories, feature requests, etc. While a task can represent different kinds of things, all tasks have certain properties, like title, author (creator), assignee, description, projects/tags, etc.

Adding custom fields can solve the problem. You can add bug as a custom field under type. Also assign a key to the custom field go to your

Maniphest Configuration

 "key:hashtag": { "name": "Type", "type": "select", "options": { "key:task": "Task", "key:discussion": "Discussion", "key:bug": "Bug" },

this way you can also search all task, discussion or bugs in the search bar by just typing key:task or key:bug or key:discussion

T12321 Create Task form not Editable., Task types in phabricator give us a way to tie a specific edit form to some subset of tasks based on: The form used to create the task can be tied to a task type. We could also keep the 'report security bug' form simple - only subsequent edits of  There are several ways to create a task, depending on the information you want to carry: A new task: click the Bookmark button toward the right side of the top navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, choose Create Task. You will get a blank form. A security problem: click the Bookmark button toward the right side of the top navigation bar.

You can tag your tickets as Bugs.

In Phabricator terminology Tags are the same as Projects. These "Project Tags" can be assigned to any Maniphest Tickets.

In your case you could simply create a new project named "Bug" and select the Bug icon and red color for it. Then you can assign this Tag to any Ticket.

The Tag will look like this then:

T204160 Create a security issue task type with additional attributes, When a user clicks our "bug report" link, the task form page shows with "Create Deadline" in the window title which may be confusing for a user only wanting to  You can also set up application email addresses to allow users to create application objects via email. For example, you could configure to create a Maniphest task out of any email which is sent to it. To do this, see application settings for a given application at

T93499 Add support for task types (subtypes), The worst you can do is make a task invisible to everyone except yourself. I want a simple out-of-the-box bug tracking system and to have one bug tracker per  Check if your report is complete, then press the "Create Task" button. Your report will now be in the database. This allows somebody interested in the report to look at it and potentially work on it. The priority for the task will be set by developers if they plan to work on the task (see Setting priorities). That's all!

Maniphest documentation - Question, Using Mark as "Create" Form from the detail page for a form If you have multiple distinct intake workflows like "New Bug Report" be given a choice between them when they go to create a task. If you maintain projects: Creating a project and learning about project management in Phabricator. Etiquette; Learn to use Phabricator. Play and test in our Cloud Services instance as much as you want. Check out the documentation and short videos on Phabricator/Help. Report bugs and feature-requests in the Phabricator software itself in the

User Guide: Customizing Forms Phabricator User Documentation, Customizable Task Management software with built-in Kanban workboards Maniphest integrates with other Phabricator applications, from attaching Differential whatever extra information you need to properly describe the task or bug. Now generating default profile images · The New Home Menu · Autocomplete now  To do this, create a custom form and configure it so it has only the relevant fields and includes any instructions. Once it looks good, mark it as a "Create" form. The "Create Task" button should now change into a menu and show both the default form and the new simpler form, as well as in the global "Quick Create" menu in the main menu bar.

  • Thanks Phoneix. I have created bugs by writing 'Bug:' as a prefix for the task
  • From which version it have this new feature?
  • This is related to custom field that you have mentioned. I was unaware of the fact that this was a custom field which an admin in my company has added into phabricator.
  • try to highlight the keywords and be clear with the format it will help to reach out your answer for others how to answer