What is the Python library used by Selenium to construct the ".text" attribute of a element?

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I have a web-scraping code using Selenium-python and realized I don't need to run any javascript so for efficiency purposes I'm "translating" it to urllib.requests and BeautifulSoup. I've got and issue trying to mimic the work done by the ".text" attribute of selenium when reading the tables. BeautifulSoup doesn't seem to have such simple way to read tables. When trying to search in Selenium module how the ".text" attribute is coded I figured I don't know how to look up for such information. Can anyone help me to figure this information. Where is explained how this atribute is retrieved from html?

Example_url = "http://www4.tjrj.jus.br/consultaProcessoWebV2/consultaMov.do?v=2&numProcesso=2008.001.000272-2&acessoIP=internet&tipoUsuario="

When I do try with Selenium:



I get the desired result (sample)

" As informações aqui contidas não produzem efeitos legais.\nSomente a publicação no DJERJ oficializa despachos e decisões e estabelece prazos.\n\nProcesso No 0000184-70.2008.8.19.0001\n2008.001.000272-2\n TJ/RJ - 16/11/2018 06:50:45\n ARQUIVADO EM DEFINITIVO - MAÇO Nº 1706, em 02/07/2012\n Comarca da Capital 11ª Vara Criminal\nCartório da 11ª Vara Criminal\n Endereço: Av. Erasmo Braga 115 L II sala 504 \nBairro: Centro\nCidade: Rio de Janeiro\n Ofício de Registro: 3º Ofício de Registro de Distribuição\nAssunto: Furto (Art. 155 - CP) C/C Crime Tentado, II\n Classe: Ação Penal - Procedimento Ordinário\n Autor MINISTERIO PUBLICO DO ESTADO DO RIO DE JANEIRO\n Listar alterações / exclusões de personagens\n Advogado(s): TJ000002 - DEFENSOR PÚBLICO\n Tipo do Movimento: Arquivamento\nData de arquivamento: 02/07/2012\nTipo de arquivamento: definitivo\nMaço: 1706\nMaço recebido pelo arquivo em: 09/07/2012\nLocal de arquivamento: Arquivo Geral - Rio de Janeiro\n Tipo do Movimento: Revogação da Suspensão do Processo (Art. 89 da Lei 9099)\nData do movimento: 01/07/2012\n Tipo do Movimento: Ato Ordinatório Praticado\nData: 06/02/2012\nDescrição: Ag. expedição de ofício de baixa. Ofício eletrônico nº 206539271 ao 3º ORD em 14/02/2012., devidamente cumprido em 18/06/2012. Processo para arquivar.\n Tipo do Movimento: Ato Ordinatório Praticado\nData: 17/01/2012\nDescrição: devolvido da digitação\n Tipo do Movimento: Digitação de Documentos\nData da digitação: 17/01/2012\n Tipo do Movimento: Ato Ordinatório Praticado\nData: 06/01/2012\nDescrição: Para fazer comunicações de praxe.\n Tipo do Movimento: Ato Ordinatório Praticado\nData: 06/01/2012\nDescrição: Certifico que a r. sentença de fls. 111/112, transitou em julgado para as partes em 04/11/2011."...(it continues..)

Assuming javascript doesn't need to run. I will test during hours you indicate.

I would probably try pandas first to retrieve table

import pandas as pd
result = pd.read_html("http://www4.tjrj.jus.br/consultaProcessoWebV2/consultaMov.do?v=2&numProcesso=2008.001.000272-2&acessoIP=internet&tipoUsuario=")
print(result[0].dropna()) # <== or choose appropriate index

Otherwise, CSS selector to target the table using requests.

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
url = 'http://www4.tjrj.jus.br/consultaProcessoWebV2/consultaMov.do?v=2&numProcesso=2008.001.000272-2&acessoIP=internet&tipoUsuario='
res  = requests.get(url,headers={'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0'})
soup = BeautifulSoup(res.content, 'lxml')
print(soup.select_one('#content table').text)

What is selenium in python?, supports test automation, by sharing setup and shutdown code for tests. Selenium is a library that comes in various programming languages and here we will be using the python bindings for Selenium. Since selenium is a library/module that goes on python runtime, we will install it through pip (pip is probably the most popular way to install libraries in python).

in my place it ask Captcha, after I solve it in browser then I run document.cookie in Console to get the cookie.

import requests, re
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

# simple table formatter
def cleanTable(table):
    table = '\n'.join([x.strip() for x in table.split('\n')])
    table = re.sub(r'(.)[\r\n](.)', r'\1 \2', table)
    table = re.sub(r'[\r\n]{2,}', '\n', table)
    return table.strip()

heads = {'Cookie' : 'JSESSIONID=0afafa3330d816c755a5df3c478cb6388d1b52b9dc5e.e34NbhiLbN0NbO0Lc30PaNaQbN0Me0;'}
Example_url = 'http://www4.tjrj.jus.br/consultaProcessoWebV2/consultaMov.do?v=2&numProcesso=2008.001.000272-2&acessoIP=internet&tipoUsuario='

html = requests.get(Example_url, headers=heads)
soup = BeautifulSoup(html.text, 'html.parser')
table = soup.find('table').text
# Python 2.7
# table = soup.find('table').text.encode('utf-8')


Selenium Unittest example in Python, I encourage contributors to add more sections and make it a good Using Selenium with remote WebDriver 7. WebDriver API How to use ChromeDriver ? Selenium is an open-source web-based automation tool. Python language is used with Selenium for testing. It has far less verbose and easy to use than any other programming language The Python APIs empower you to connect with the browser through Selenium

Which package is used for browser automation in Python?, The python which you are running should have the selenium module installed. In this chapter, we use unittest as the framework of choice. Here is the modified example which uses Here you are creating the instance of Firefox WebDriver. SeleniumProbes is a library of building blocks to construct probes generating metrics for automated testing of web app performance and availability like accessing a login page, authenticating on it and then triggering some functionality by clicking on a web element. Getting Started. Follow these instructions to use the package in your project.

Selenium with Python, Python bindings for Selenium. Make sure it's in your PATH , e. g., place it in /usr​/bin or /usr/local/bin . However, to use Selenium Webdriver Remote or the legacy Selenium API (Selenium-RC), you need to also run the Selenium server. Selenium WebDriver is often used as a basis for testing web applications. Here is a simple example using Python’s standard unittest library: import unittest from selenium import webdriver class GoogleTestCase (unittest. TestCase): def setUp (self): self. browser = webdriver.

2. Getting Started, Python Selenium with pytest​​ The pytest module is a Python library for testing Python applications. It is an alternative to nose and unittest. We install the pytest library. The pytest looks for test_*. Click OK and the library will get displayed in the settings. The name given has to match with the name of the folder installed in site-packages. In case the names do not match, the library name will be in red as shown below − Library import in red is as good as the library does not exist inside python. Now, we have completed selenium library

selenium · PyPI, text" attribute of a element? selenium python python selenium chrome selenium python install selenium python framework selenium python web scraping install  The Selenium project and tools Selenium controls web browsers. Selenium is many things but at its core, it is a toolset for web browser automation that uses the best techniques available to remotely control browser instances and emulate a user’s interaction with the browser.

  • It is likely .text is not an attribute but rather is the text content of an element you mean. Can you share your code, url/html and expected result? There are other methods for reading tables easily.
  • For making test I would suggest to do it during 20:00 - 11:00 UTC time. Since the page is blocked for robots during day working hours in Brazil.