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How can we catch the exception thrown by cxf provider in camel context. I am trying to catch the Mapping exception thrown by ExceptionMapper inside camel context. this is my catch block.


but the exception is not getting caught by catch block because the cxf provider (com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.json.JacksonJsonProvider) is throwing the exception and the ExceptionMapper is setting the Response. My requirement is to catch all exceptions in camel context and log them into a database. Is there any way to catch exeption thrown by cxf in camel?

You can use onException block to catch all exception thrown within a CamelContext.

<camelContext ....>


    <bean ref="logAction" method="updateErrorStatus" />

    <log message="Exception in camel route!!!" />

  <route ..>

See camel documentation for more details

Users - Propogate CXF Exception to Camel, Hello All, Consider a simple camel route like this that invokes a one way I thought that the error handler that I set on the route would handle this for me Should an exception thrown in the CXF interceptor chain makes it way  And second of all an important aspect over the regular Java counter parts is that Camel will check in the exception hierarchy when it matches a thrown exception against the doCatch blocks. The reasons is that many times the original caused exceptions is wrapped by other wrapper exceptions, typically transposing the exception from a checked to a

You have a problem because ExceptionMapper covers an exception and does not throws it up.

Is it yours ExceptionMapper interface implementation? If so, try in the toResponse method re-throw exception as RuntimeException

If not create your own ExceptionMapper by extending Class which you use and do the same.

UPD: I guess there is no other options

Exception Clause :: Apache Camel, In the advanced section we dig into the route specific and even combining them. However tell Camel to handle and continue when this exception was thrown  Aki, thanks for the feedback. At the moment I am only using request/response (InOut). If the service (called by the end of the route) returns a SOAP Fault, will then the cxf-endpoint make sure that the http status code returned to the caller becomes 500?

You can use the exception variable, like this.

<doCatch id="_doCatch1">
                <transform id="_transform2">

                <log id="log_exit_exception" message="Error - Exception: ${exception.message}" />

Error handling in Camel :: Apache Camel, Related to error handling is the Try Catch Finally feature in Camel. in the route graph, But if there was an exception thrown, then the Error Handler kicks in and  CXF How to handle exceptions thrown from providers. I have a POST service that gets either xml or json in the request paylod and returns an xml or json response. I use

The onException sub-route does not handle the exceptions thrown by the JAX-RS json provider within the CXF endpoint. It only seems to handle exceptions once the Exchange has begun its journey along the route.

To deal with badly formatted json etc, you also need to provide a JAX-RS ExceptionMapper that will return a response directly to the user:

class JaxrsExceptionMapper implements ExceptionMapper<Throwable> {

    static final String BEAN_NAME = "jaxrsExceptionMapper";

    public Response toResponse(Throwable t) {
        return Response
            .entity(new MyResponseBody(t.getMessage()))

The JAX-RS @Provider annotation doesn't work in Camel. You need to "name" the ExceptionMapper bean as a provider when you configure your endpoint. This is along with your JsonProvider bean - which is far from clear in the Camel documentation.

from("cxfrs://" + publishedUrl
            + "?resourceClasses=" + MyJaxrsService.class.getName()
            + "&bindingStyle=SimpleConsumer"
            + "&providers=" + JaxrsJsonProviderConfig.BEAN_NAME
                + "," + JaxrsExceptionMapper.BEAN_NAME)

For completeness the spring config for a Jackson json provider might be:

class JaxrsJsonProviderConfig {

    static final String BEAN_NAME = "jaxrsJsonProvider";

    @Bean(name = BEAN_NAME)
    public JacksonJsonProvider jaxrsJsonProvider(ObjectMapper objectMapper) {
        return new JacksonJsonProvider(objectMapper);

    public ObjectMapper objectMapper() {
        ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
        // optional stuff ...
        mapper.registerModule(new ParameterNamesModule());
        mapper.registerModule(new Jdk8Module());
        mapper.registerModule(new JavaTimeModule());
        return mapper;

and your service class might be:

public interface MyJaxrsService{
    MyResponseBody myService(MyPayload body);

Sorry for re-opening an old topic but this has been hard won knowledge.

How do I retrieve the thrown Exception during , You have send an Exchange to Camel but it fails during processing caused by a thrown Exception. How do I retrieve this Exception? If you are using  CXF example for using Camel transport. Since Camel has lots of components and is a great mediation rule engine, we can leverage these Camel features in CXF by using the Camel transport. Here is an example to show how to use the Camel transport in CXF. In this example, we setup a load balance Camel context in the Camel destination.

DefaultErrorHandler :: Apache Camel, However, you can use the Exception Clause to catch a given exception and In this route below, any exception thrown in, eg the validateOrder bean, will be  So if an exception is thrown with this hierarchy: + RuntimeCamelException (wrapper exception by Camel) + OrderFailedException + IOException + FileNotFoundException. Then Camel will try testing the exception in this order: FileNotFoundException, IOException, OrderFailedException and RuntimeCamelException.

2.3. Exception Handling Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.1, The onException clause is a mechanism for trapping, rather than catching But this wrapping is done for you automatically; it is not visible in the route definitions. Apache Camel initially attempts to match the thrown exception against the first a CXF endpoint so that, when a Java exception is thrown on the server side,  In another post (Apache CXF with Spring Integration) I covered splitting an application into a client/service structure using Apache CXF.In that project the business service would throw a custom exception if a certain user tried to register.

Chapter 5. Error handling - Camel in Action, sendOrder(order); } catch (Exception e) { throw new OrderFailedException(e); }} Jn ervey Camel route, heetr aj z Channel rrgz crzj eewntbe zcku nvkq jn yrx for Camel error handlers traec kr fault a trnueder klmt components dszg za CXF,  The camel-cxf component does make any attempt to remove the it will throw an exception Type you may need to throw the SOAP Fault from the camel context.

  • Yes the ExceptionMapper implementation sets the response instead of throwing it as run time exception.
  • So... re-throw it and catch.
  • I quess, question is not about how to handle caught exception, but how to catch it, since there is no exception.