Can't get config section after update to ASP.NET Core 2

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I updated my project from 1.0.0-rc1-final to 1.0.0-rc2-final which is called ASP.NET Core 2 now. This is how I initialize the configuration builder:

var builder = new ConfigurationBuilder().SetBasePath(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("ASPNETCORE_CONTENTROOT")).AddJsonFile(file).AddEnvironmentVariables();
IConfiguration configuration = builder.Build();

I know for sure that the initialization is ok because I can do


in the debugger and see all the values in the configuration files in there.

However, if I try to get a whole configuration section like this


it doesn't work. It returns an object no matter what I pass to GetSection. However, the Value field of this object is always null, regardless whether the section exists or not.

Note that this used to work perfectly fine before. Any clues?

It turns out that one can no longer do something like:

var allSettingsInSection = configuration.Get(typeof(StronglyTypedConfigSection), sectionName);

Instead, it has to be done like this now:

IConfigurationSection sectionData = configuration.GetSection(sectionName);
var section = new StronglyTypedConfigSection();

Note that it's necessary to include Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder in project.json.

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Just a cleaner version of the accepted answer:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)  
    services.Configure<MySettings>(options => Configuration.GetSection("MySettings").Bind(options));


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In dot net core 2.1 you can do this:

I used nameof here to get the name of the class as a string, rather than use an actual string. This is based on Uwe Kleins reply, it's cleaner.

var myConfigClass = Configuration.GetSection(nameof(MyConfigClass)).Get<MyConfigClass>();

Easily inject your strongly typed configuration as follows:


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I am using the GetSection allot and thus I have created an extension method to help me get sections using generics

public static class ConfigurationExtensions
    public static T GetConfig<T>(this IConfiguration config) where T : new()
        var settings = new T();
        return settings;

    public static T GetConfig<T>(this IConfiguration config, string section) where T : new()
        var settings = new T();
        return settings;

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  • Just an update for those who are reading this in 2017 or later. Starting with ASP.NET Core 2.0, addition of this extra NuGet is not required.
  • I've just done a .Net Core 2.1 app and I still need this nuget package, so I don't believe the above comment is correct
  • What Liam said - it's still in the Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder. But of course you get it in case you are referenceing Microsoft.AspNetCore.App or Microsoft.AspNetCore.All.
  • You can also simply inject your strongly typed configuration like this: var jwtSettingsSection = Configuration.GetSection(nameof(JwtSettings)); services.Configure<JwtSettings>(jwtSettingsSection);
  • I do like var MyConfigClass = Configuration.GetSection(nameof(MyConfigClass)).Get<MyConfigClass>(); to get rid of strings.