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I have tried the below C# CODING:

wsDt.Cells["A10:G10"].AutoFilter = false;

but the filter is not removed from my excel.

Any other way to remove it.


This seems to be an EPPlus bug and I don't think it has been resolved as of the latest release (4.04), at least I could figure out a solution. My workaround is to simply load the spreadsheet values a row at a time with a loop:

int sheetRow = 3;
for (int outer = 0; outer < outerSourceTable.Rows.Count; outer++)
    var outerThingId = Convert.ToInt32(outerSourceTable.Rows[outer]["OuterThingId"]);
    var outerThingName = Convert.ToString(outerSourceTable.Rows[outer]["OuterThing"]);
    var innerThingsTable = _repository.GetInnerThings(outerThingId);
    if (innerThingsTable.Rows.Count > 0)
        myWorksheet.Cells[sheetRow, 1].Value = outerThingName;

        // Load the data into the worksheet. We need to load a row at a time
        // to avoid the auto-filter bug
        for (int inner = 0; inner < innerThingsTable.Rows.Count; inner++)
            var innerName = Convert.ToString(innerThingsTable.Rows[inner]["Name"]);
            var innerDescr = Convert.ToString(innerThingsTable.Rows[inner]["Description"]);
            myWorksheet.Cells[sheetRow, 2].Value = innerName;
            myWorksheet.Cells[sheetRow, 3].Value = innerDescr;

Advanced Excels With EPPlus, I will also tackle EPPlus shortcomings, meaning Excel features that I'm going to spare you the C# code, it is technically similar in nature to the code above. To enable auto filter, we need to select the whole table from the  c#/ excel,word,pdf component. We have already shown you how to use the method ListObjects to filter the data and format it as a table. This article will focus on demonstrate how to remove the auto filters with the method AutoFilters offered by Spire.XLS.

EPPlus-Create advanced Excel spreadsheets on the server , is a . net library that reads and writes Excel files using the Open Office Xml format (xlsx). using (ExcelRange autoFilterCells = ws.Cells[ startRowIndex, territoryNameIndex, toRowIndex, totalIndex]) { // enable auto filter autoFilterCells.AutoFilter = true; EPPlus ExcelWorksheet class has a WorksheetXml property. This property is the gateway to the inner Open XML of the worksheet.

If you populate your excel data using the LoadFromCollection() call. You can then reference it using the default Excel table name of "Table 1".

This is the same idea as Patricks answer but demonstrates the use without DataTable.

ExcelTable table = excelWorksheet.Tables["Table1"];
table.ShowFilter = false;

Insert/Access/Format/Filter/Se, NET using EPPlus. The first index of the Cells array is the row index and the second index is the column index of Let's first insert values by Row and Column Index: First release: Create/Read/Edit Advance Excel 2007/2010 Report in C#. How to enable select multiple items option in pivot table page field filters #9 Pin. But in delete it gives me "IndexOutOfRangeException", but I am trying to delete from object, I have tried to delete by index "1", I just have two worksheets, and the same exception. The file and worksheet is not null, but when I execute delete in anyway I receive the "IndexOutOfRangeException".

How to remove auto filters in Excel, c#/ excel,word,pdf component. We have already shown you how to use the method ListObjects to filter the data and This article will focus on demonstrate how to remove the auto filters with the method AutoFilters offered by Spire.XLS  Use AutoFitColumns, but you have to specify the cells, i assume the entire worksheet: VB.NET. Worksheet.Cells(Worksheet.Dimension.Address).AutoFitColumns() C#. Worksheet.Cells[Worksheet.Dimension.Address].AutoFitColumns(); Please note you need to call this method after filling the worksheet.

Workaround needed for EPPlus' AutoFilter bug · Issue #28 , It seams that version of the EPPlus library does not support toggling of it's AutoFilter property. If you touch it, it will be set to true. The  I'm using EPPlus to generate Excel workbooks. I'm trying to figure out how to either: Sort a worksheet by a specific column (the equivalent of clicking sort A-Z in Excel) or Set the sort order for a specific column's AutoFilter

Working with Autofilters, Working with Autofilters. An autofilter in Excel is a way of filtering a 2D range of data based on some simple criteria. _images/autofilter1.png  Excel AutoFilter in C# and VB.NET Following example shows how to filter rows in a specific cell range of an Excel worksheet with C# and VB.NET. Filtered rows are hidden in all output file formats.

  • Can you give us a little more to work with?
  • If you dont use the LoadFromDataTable() call but instead use something like LoadFromCollection() the tables default name is 'Table1'. So you can reference it as follows, ExcelTable table = worksheet.Tables["Table1"];