First Expo project throwing error after npm start

npm install expo-cli error
expo start not working
expo start error: spawn cmd enoent
this command requires expo-cli error
expo error unrecognized command start
expo start error invalid regular expression
your project is in sdk version >= 33.0 0 but the expo package version seems to be older
expo init not working

I followed instructions to install Expo on my Windows 10 machine. I'm running node version 10.14.0 on my machine.

After I issued expo init command and created the first project, running npm start shows a message that reads:

This command requires Expo CLI. Do you want to install it globally [Y/n]?

Strange thing is that I'd already installed the latest version of expo-cli globally. Running expo-cli --version in the project folder gives me the version of expo-cli which is 2.5.0.

From here, it gets worse. No matter what I choose, I get the following error:

Any idea how to fix this issue?

I had the same issue, first run:

npm i expo-cli


npm start

Worked for me

First Expo project throwing error after npm start, I'm running node version 10.14.0 on my machine. After I issued expo init command and created the first project, running npm start shows a message that reads:  Why GitHub? Features →. Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Security

first type:

npm i expo-cli

then type :

   expo start

'Unable to start server' on npm start on create-react-native-app , native app using create-react-native-app and error on when run npm start in app and show QR code which a mobile can connect through expo app. You can get information on how to open an issue for this project with:  Solution is just use expo-cli start, dont use npm start or yarn start.So it works without problems for now. So if you want to create a react-native app with expo without problems , steps are : expo-cli init [project-name] cd [project-name] install any package if you need => npm install package or yarn add package

In my case I had the same error, so I went to the expo documentation (, to see the error.

First I logged into the expo:

expo login --username -u [username] --password -p [password]

and then I checked if I was logged in:

expo whoami

Second I followed this help that I found on stackOverflow: How to resolve the error on 'react-native start'

Hope this helps.

Expo throwing error while running npm start after creating project , Couldn't start project on Android: Error running adb: adb: failed to install /home/​spinny/.expo/android-apk-cache/Exponent-2.15.4.apk: Failure  Run expo start -c to clear your cache and start your application. Bonus Now for any Expo based API or dependency you can install it by using expo install instead of npm install i.e. expo install @expo/vector-icons .

expo cli doesnt work for me - Help: Expo-CLI/Build Service, i try to npm start but all the time the same error … if someone know treat this issue it will latest ver of node and expo cli globaly. internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:895 throw err; ^ Error: … Expo CLI starts succcessfully only the first time, fails after that I think Expo is great as a CLI for React Native projects. Description Failing to publish, used bug fix of reinstalling, 1. deleting node modules, deleting node.js uninstalling expo-cli, 2. reinstalling latest version LTS node.js, reinstalling expo-cli, npm install in root, npm run start - showe

Troubleshooting · React Native, These are some common issues you may run into while setting up React Native. If you encounter If you encounter an error such as npm WARN locking Error: EACCES while using the React Native CLI, try running the following: sudo chown Use the Linked Frameworks and Binaries section in the Xcode project settings. Got this issue today on windows, but don't need to downgrade node, just as discussed on stackoverflow just need to change some hashes on your project: ode_modules\metro-config\src\defaults\blacklist.js

Package, "Invalid Host Header" Errors After Configuring Proxy; Configuring the Proxy Manually npm start doesn't detect changes; npm test hangs on macOS Sierra; npm run build When you run create-react-app , it always creates the project with the latest version of You would need to install an ESLint plugin for your editor first. working just fine with npm run android, but after installing any package that breaks. Expected Behavior. After npm run android i expected to opet project on android emulator. Observed Behavior. Installed lodas and cannot use npm run android, but still can use expo start --android and that works. But why? if npm run android calls expo start

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