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I am building a RESTful API with Laravel 5.1 - When a post request is made, I validate the input, if the input is not valid, I throw an exception.

Current Response Sample:

    "message": "{\"email\":[\"The email field is required.\"]}",
    "status_code": 400

How to make my response look like this:

    "message": {
        "email": "The email field is required."
    "status_code": 400

Here's how I throw the exception:

$validator = Validator::make($this->request->all(), $this->rules());

if ($validator->fails()) {
    throw new ValidationFailedException($validator->errors());

I think the best way to validate the form in laravel is using Form Request Validation .You can overwrite the response method in App\Http\Request.php class. Request.php

namespace App\Http\Requests;

abstract class Request extends FormRequest
    public function response(array $errors)
        return $this->respond([
                'status_code'   => 400 ,                                 
                'message'          => array_map(function($errors){         
                        foreach($errors as $key=>$value){
                            return $value;                           

     * Return the response 
    public function respond($data , $headers=[] ){
        return \Response::json($data);

Deep Dive Into Custom Validation Error Messages In Laravel , Again, notice that we did not have to explicitly bind the error messages to the the @error Blade directive to quickly check if validation error messages exist for a Equals Date Format Different Digits Digits Between Dimensions (Image Files)  Add the name of the field in a language file (resources/lang/en/validation.php) inside the attributes key: <?php return [ 'attributes' => [ 'my_field' => 'My Field' ] ]; In the validation message display, just change the {{ $error }} to {!! $error !!}

You can try this:

$messages = [
    'email.required' => 'The :attribute field is required.',

$validator = Validator::make($input, $rules, $messages);

Validation error count, Retrieving All Error Messages With A Format. foreach ($messages->all('<li>:​message</li>') as $message) { // }. Error Messages & Views. Once you have  Here is a quick reference tutorial to demonstrate how to display validation errors on view page in Laravel. As you must know that Laravel provides out of the box form / data validation.

Here is a class I use:


namespace App;

class Hack
    public static function provokeValidationException($field_messages){
        $rules = [];
        $messages = [];
        foreach($field_messages as $field=>$message){
            $rules[$field] = 'required';
            $messages[$field. '.required'] = $message;

        $validator = \Validator::make([], $rules, $messages);
        if ($validator->fails()) {
            throw new \Illuminate\Validation\ValidationException($validator);

Then any time I need to show custom errors, I do:

    'fieldname'=>'message to display',
    'fieldname2'=>'message2 to display',

How to format the validation error messages in Laravel 5?, I think the best way to validate the form in laravel is using Form Request Validation .You can overwrite the response method in  Top shelf learning. Dev tutorials explaining the code and the choices behind it all.. Made with 💖 by @chrisoncode and Nick.

I had this same issue and I resolved it by decoding my the $validator->errors() response

return (400, json_decode($exception->getMessage()));

How to customize error messages in Request Validation?, I call this demo laravel-custom-validation-error-messages (am kinda bad Quickly, let's create a view named contact.blade.php inside the view  To do so, assign the bail rule to the attribute: $request->validate ( [ 'title' => 'bail|required|unique:posts|max:255', 'body' => 'required', ]); In this example, if the unique rule on the title attribute fails, the max rule will not be checked. Rules will be validated in the order they are assigned.

PHP Laravel Set Custom Validation Error Messages Example , Laravel 5 has an awesome new function – Request Validation. It separates After the form validation, it auto-magically shows error messages. But what if '​date_format' => 'The :attribute does not match the format :format. If available, Laravel automatically adds the current user's ID to every exception's log message as contextual data. You may define your own global contextual data by overriding the context method of your application's App\Exceptions\Handler class. This information will be included in every exception's log message written by your application:

Laravel 5, custom error messages., There are a three way to change validation error messages in laravel 5 application. Laravel provide it's own messages, but if we want to  This video will help you get started with validation in laravel. Code at

Error Messages Vs Validation Messages in Laravel Blade, Laravel 5, custom error messages. Posted 5 years ago by mikield To set custom messages, open the validation.php file and add a custom insert valid start_date format', '' => 'Please insert valid end_date  Laravel PHP Angular Laravel 5 JQuery Laravel 5.5 Laravel 6 Bootstrap Laravel 5.6 Ajax Angular 9 Angular 8 Codeigniter Vue.js JQuery Plugin Laravel 5.7 React Laravel 5.8 MySQL Javascript HTML Laravel 7 CSS SQL JSON Node JS Socket IO MongoDB

  • Looks like in 5.5 the method to override instead is failedValidation: