How modify my CaptchaSecurityImages.php page in Latest PHP code(Functions and Class)

How modify my CaptchaSecurityImages.php page in Latest PHP code(Functions and Class)

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This is my CaptchaSecurityImages.php Page Source Code

class CaptchaSecurityImages {

    var $font = 'fonts/monofont.ttf';

    function generateCode($characters) {
        /* list all possible characters, similar looking characters and vowels have been removed */
        $possible = '23456789bcdfghjkmnpqrstvwxyz';
        $code = '';
        $i = 0;
        while ($i < $characters) { 
            $code .= substr($possible, mt_rand(0, strlen($possible)-1), 1);
        return $code;
    function CaptchaSecurityImages($width='120',$height='40',$characters='6') {
        $code = $this->generateCode($characters);
        /* font size will be 75% of the image height */
        $font_size = $height * 0.75;
        $image = @imagecreate($width, $height) or die('Cannot initialize new GD image stream');
        /* set the colours */
        $background_color = imagecolorallocate($image, 13, 213, 220);
        $text_color = imagecolorallocate($image, 20, 40, 100);
        $noise_color = imagecolorallocate($image, 150, 220, 250);
        /* generate random dots in background */
        for( $i=0; $i<($width*$height)/3; $i++ ) {
            imagefilledellipse($image, mt_rand(0,$width), mt_rand(0,$height), 1, 1, $noise_color);
        /* generate random lines in background */
        for( $i=0; $i<($width*$height)/150; $i++ ) {
            imageline($image, mt_rand(0,$width), mt_rand(0,$height), mt_rand(0,$width), mt_rand(0,$height), $noise_color);
        /* create textbox and add text */
        $textbox = imagettfbbox($font_size, 0, $this->font, $code) or die('Error in imagettfbbox function');
        $x = ($width - $textbox[4])/2;
        $y = ($height - $textbox[5])/2;
        imagettftext($image, $font_size, 0, $x, $y, $text_color, $this->font , $code) or die('Error in imagettftext function');
        /* output captcha image to browser */
        header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');
        $_SESSION['security_code'] = $code;


$width = isset($_GET['width']) ? $_GET['width'] : '120';
$height = isset($_GET['height']) ? $_GET['height'] : '40';
$characters = isset($_GET['characters']) && $_GET['characters'] > 1 ? $_GET['characters'] : '6';

$captcha = new CaptchaSecurityImages($width,$height,$characters);


This code is running perfect on older version of PHP, But new Version of PHP (Latest) is showing below mention Error:-

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; CaptchaSecurityImages has a deprecated constructor in CaptchaSecurityImages.php on line 3

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home4/XXXXX/public_html/CaptchaSecurityImages.php:3) in CaptchaSecurityImages.php on line 2

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home4/XXXXX/public_html/CaptchaSecurityImages.php:3) in CaptchaSecurityImages.php on line 42

Change your class constructor from function CaptchaSecurityImages(...) to function __construct(...). This should resolve the first issue (deprecation), which should then resolve the second and third (the headers can not be modified as the error message itself has already been output by that point).

How modify my CaptchaSecurityImages.php page in Latest , This is my CaptchaSecurityImages.php Page Source Code <?php session_start​(); class CaptchaSecurityImages { var $font = 'fonts/monofont.ttf'; function  Instead, I recommend heading straight to the end of functions.php. Insert your code at the bottom of the file, after all other code. Add a few empty lines between the last bit of code on the site and your new snippet. If there’s a closing PHP tag like thsi: ?> then place your code before that. Leave the > tag on the line below your code.

Initially, you should start using constructors in PHP as:

public function __construct(...) {

As the error tells you, your current declaration is to be deprecated soon. Same goes for destructor:

public function __destruct() {

The next two errors will disappear afterwards, as they show only because of error printing on screen before session initialization.

Search Results for “name” – Page 4874 – GiveMeAns – Get the , How modify my CaptchaSecurityImages.php page in Latest PHP code(Functions and Class) · January 23, 2018 Muhammad AtharLeave a  There are actually two pages; SBCcontacts.php(the first landing page) and send_mail.php(the page changes to after the user clicks the 'Submit' button. Someone thru customized the code of these two pages for me and I do not have contact with them any more, that is why I am trying to figure this out myself.

I was facing the same issue with the same codes.

My image still broken after I have changed from CaptchaSecurityImages(...) to function __construct(...).

After searches from Google, I found out that imagettfbbox() required full path so I changed of the following codes and it fixed the broken image.


var $font = 'fonts/monofont.ttf';


var $font = __DIR__.'/fonts/monofont.ttf';

Session value change in a click, If $_SESSION['security_code'] is set at the top of the page, you just can <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['security_code'] = "My. .com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/​jquery.min.js"></script> <script> function Since your CaptchaSecurityImages class is generating and image, we do Last Updated 16 Jul 2012. Kudos to your great work, I got your source code on “insert, view, edit and delete Record from database using php and mysqli” after learning with it I tried uploading it in a live server but after registration and login, it will show a white screen instead of proceeding index.php page, please help me out, exams is at the corner

include - Manual, However, all functions and classes defined in the included file have the global scope. If the target server interprets the target file as PHP code, variables may be base of your site, you would change this array to include each of those Using old code with new versions of PHP Now that PHP has grown to be a popular scripting language, there are a lot of public repositories and libraries containing code you can reuse. The PHP developers have largely tried to preserve backwards compatibility, so a script written for an older version will run (ideally) without changes in a newer version of PHP.

User-defined functions - Manual, Change language: Example #1 Pseudo code to demonstrate function uses valid PHP code may appear inside a function, even other functions and class  PHP User Defined Functions. Besides the built-in PHP functions, it is possible to create your own functions. A function is a block of statements that can be used repeatedly in a program. A function will not execute automatically when a page loads. A function will be executed by a call to the function.

Classes/Object Functions - Manual, FYI: if you want to split your class into manageble chunks, what means note that the code after the statement to override itself is still executed but this and if it might change but it opens a few possibilities in flexible scripting!! of classes (which I instanciate in all pages) along with my error handling class all bundled up. In the class context, it is possible to create a new object by new self and new parent. When assigning an already created instance of a class to a new variable, the new variable will access the same instance as the object that was assigned. This behaviour is the same when passing instances to a function.