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There's JSON data with Offers

foreach($json['offers'] as $offer) 

Every offer has data that contains country

"countries":[{"name":"United States","code":"US"}]

How do I remove all the offers if they dont include for example "US"?

As far as I understand I should use array_map right? But how do I tell it to remove those that doesn't include value instead of those who does include value I define?

You need to use array_filter()

$json['offers'] = array_filter($json['offers'], function($item){
    return $item['countries'][0]['code'] == "US";

Check result in demo

JavaScript, The task is to remove a JSON attribute from the JSON object. To do so, Here are few of the mostly used techniques discussed. First delete property need to be  The trim() method removes whitespace from both sides of a string. Note: The trim() method does not change the original string.

If I don't misunderstood your question, then simple array_filter() will do the trick for you.


$json = '[{"countries":[{"name":"United States","code":"US"}]},{"countries":[{"name":"United Kingdom","code":"UK"}]},{"countries":[{"name":"Canada","code":"CA"}]}]';
$decode = json_decode($json,1);
$new = array_filter($decode, function ($var) {
    return ($var['countries'][0]['code'] != 'US');


String.prototype.trim(), The trim() method returns the string stripped of whitespace from both ends. trim() does not affect the value of the str itself. Polyfill. Running the  I'd say you should trim the data on the PHP-side, as it's your PHP script that generates it 1. Basically : make sure your info.php script generates correct data. In PHP, you can use the trim() function. And if your data is stored in an array, you can apply that function to all items of that array using the array_map() function :

Thank you guys for answers, but I've did it in another way..

$salys2 = array("US");      
$salys = array_map('trim', $salys2);    

if (!in_array($offer['countries'][0]['code'], $salys)) {

    // skipping

Could someone explain me why are we keeping [0] between countries and code?

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JSONArray::remove() \ Language (API) \ Processing 3+, remove(). Examples. // The following short JSON file called "data.json" is parsed first element for (int i = 0; i < values.size(); i++) { JSONObject animal = values. The trim() method removes whitespace from both ends of a string. Whitespace in this context is all the whitespace characters (space, tab, no-break space, etc.) and all the line terminator characters (LF, CR, etc.).

  • array_map() is for changing (all) data. You want array_filter().
  • as @Dormilich you should use array_filter - var_dump(array_filter($offers, function($offer) { return ('US' === $offer['countries'][0]['code'] ?? null); }));
  • Possible duplicate of array_filter with assoc array?