UITableView unwanted white space when scrolling

uitableview extra space at top
uitableview extra space at bottom
uitableview space before first cell
uitableview grouped style space between sections
uitableview space between header and cell
uitableview contentinset

I created a simple UItTableView.The ScreenShot is as follows.

I have created TableView as a programmatic.

var appearingWifiTableView: UITableView = {
    var tempTableView = UITableView()
    tempTableView.separatorColor = UIColor.rgb(red: 46, green: 54, blue: 57)
    return tempTableView

override func setupViews() {

But when I scroll upwards:

When I make a scroll down

How to get rid of unwanted white spaces seen in pictures?If this is not possible how do I change the white background to another color?

You can either set the table view color to the same as your cell, or disable bounce by:

tempTableView.bounces = false

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set tableview.backgroundcolor = UIColor.clear

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If you dont want to scroll effect in the top , you can use

tableView.bounces = false

Or If you want to change white color , you can use

tableView.backgroundcolor = UIColor.yourColor

How to remove header and footer space from a UITableView?, So the way around this is to create an empty view with a height greater than 0 . Setting this overrides the default view thereby removing the unwanted space. Actually, it will just disable the tableview's scrollview to scroll past the edge of the​  It seems to me that this white extra space underneath the text in the scrolling panel has the same height as the text itself. Looks like the same number of lines of text you have in the text box is duplicated under the text as empty lines, which causes the white space. The longer the text, more white space underneath.

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