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I was working on solving another problem here, but ran into a step where I'm uncertain on how to calculate a length.

Sample data:

file_content = [
    '"Computer Love","Kraftwerk","Computer World","7:15"',
    '"Paranoid Android","Radiohead","OK Computer","6:27"'

Goal: Calculate whichever row has the longest length of characters and return that value. Basically, find the sum of characters of the dict.values() and the max value of that from the collection.

I've tried to use nested comprehensions, but I'm getting stuck somewhere. Here's what I've tried so far:

import csv
rows = [r for r in csv.DictReader(file_content)]
max([sum(len(v)) for row in rows for v in row.values()])

You create a list of dictionaries, and you want to find the total length of each list item's values, and identify the maximum length:

Here is a solution using a list comprehension and str.join:

lengths = [
    len(''.join(row.values())) for row in rows



Your current attempt is actually quite close, you just divide your expressions incorrectly. Here is a working version:

    sum(len(i) for i in row.values())
    for row in rows

Python, This method can also be used to solve this problem. In this, we use inbuilt max() with “len” as key argument to extract the string with the maximum length. is setting largestString as the number of elements in the array Str so that may cause errors. I would set it to 0 or even -1 as a baseline, or maybe Str[0].size() so that you can start your for loop with your first element as your baseline.

Using Pandas

Since the csv contains a tabular structure, we can use pandas as well.

import pandas as pd

File can be loaded using df = pd.read_csv(path), which returns the following DataFrame:

Track                      Artist     Album           Time
Computer  Love             Kraftwerk  Computer World  7:15
Paranoid  Android          Radiohead     OK Computer  6:27

Then we can concatenate the rows and take the max value of the length of the combined strings

df["Concat"] = [''.join(row.astype(str)) for row in df.values]

Track           Artist      Album           Time    Concat
Computer Love   Kraftwerk   Computer World  7:15    Computer LoveKraftwerkComputer World7:15
Paranoid Android    Radiohead   OK Computer 6:27    Paranoid AndroidRadioheadOK Computer6:27


Find the first maximum length even word from a string, Given a string of words separated by spaces. The task is to find the first maximum length even word from the string. Eg: “You are given an array of n numbers”  It isn't a one liner, but it's the fastest and returns a collection of the longest strings, which OrderBy or Aggregate doesn't provide. Matt Ellen was the closest with his answer, but using Max within his Where makes it rather slow when you're working with a large collection. The correct answer should be:

Something like the following should work:

max([len(i) for i in file_content])

Java: How to find the longest String in an array of Strings , public class JavaLongestStringInStringArray { public static String getLongestString(String[] array) { int maxLength = 0; String longestString = null  The process involves defining the .Find.Text string as the first 250 characters of your text. If this segment is found, then the selection is extended to include the entire length of your specified text and then a comparison is made of the find text string and extended selection.

If you want the row, you can pass a custom key to max:

import csv

file_content = [
    '"Computer Love","Kraftwerk","Computer World","7:15"',
    '"Paranoid Android","Radiohead","OK Computer","6:27"'
rows = [r for r in csv.DictReader(file_content)]
result = max(rows, key=lambda r: sum(map(len, r.values())))


{'Track': 'Computer Love', 'Album': 'Computer World', 'Time': '7:15', 'Artist': 'Kraftwerk'}

String length, In Firefox, strings have a maximum length of 2**30 - 2 (~1GB). Since `length` counts code units instead of characters, if you want to get the  Find the max length in a column. Here is a formula that can quickly find the max length in a column. Select a blank cell which will output the result, type this formula =MAX(LEN(A1:A63)) (A1:A63 is the range you use if you want to use a column, change it to A:A), and press Shift+ Ctrl + Enter keys together.

PHP: max, max. (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7). max — Find highest value If the first and only parameter is an array, max() returns the highest value in that array. If at least For instance, a non-numeric string will be compared to an integer as though it were 0, but multiple Multiple arrays of the same length are compared from left to right Len function in Power Apps. 11/07/2015; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Returns the length of a string of text. Description. If you specify a single string as the argument, the return value is the length as a number.

Finding the longest string and its length using Java streams, You don't need the Pair. You can get the String with the maximum length by doing This example will show how get the maximum length string in an arraylist using java, java 8 and guava. In the set up we will initialize an arraylist of random strings.In a comparable example we demonstrate how to find the maximum length string in a collection using groovy.

Finding Max/Min of a List or Collection, A quick and practical guide to getting maximum/minimum element from a list or a collection. A quick intro on how to find the min/max value from a given list/​collection with the powerful Stream API in Java8. String name;. The variable z is used to hold the length of the longest common substring found so far. The set ret is used to hold the set of strings which are of length z. The set ret can be saved efficiently by just storing the index i, which is the last character of the longest common substring (of size z) instead of S[i-z+1..i].

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  • max([len(''.join(row.values())) for row in rows])
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