How to push seeds.rb to existing rails app (on Heroku)?

I store all my app's data in seeds.rb locally. However, after I pushing everything to Heroku, the app works well, but without any data. I do not want to re-input the mass data again, so does anyone have any ways to help me?

If you push the app to heroku, you can seed the database with the following command.

heroku run rake db:seed

Getting Started on Heroku with Rails 5.x, Press Enter at the prompt to upload your existing ssh key or create a new one, used for pushing Create a new Rails app (or upgrade an existing one) We'll edit config/routes.rb to set the index page to our new method:. The name of your Heroku app won't matter if you plan to set up your Heroku app to use your own domain name. You'll just use the name for access to the instance of your app running on the Heroku servers; if you have a custom domain name, you'll set up DNS (domain name service) to point your domain name to the app running on Heroku.

If you have changed migrations then first you need to do is run migration

heroku run rake db:migrate


heroku run rake db:seed

If you don't have any data in database the I would suggest following is, But caution it will remove all current data from heroku database.

heroku run rake db:setup

Hope this helps you

Rails Deploy to Heroku · railsguides, How do I deploy a Ruby on Rails application to Heroku? Review apps run the code in any GitHub pull request in a complete, disposable Heroku app. Review apps each have a unique URL you can share, making them a great way to propose, test, and merge changes to your code base.

you have to be sure no migration is pending if no pending

just do

heroku run rake db:migrate

and it will word perfectly

Heroku setup and list of commands · GitHub, This guide is adapted from a chapter in my book series, Learn Ruby on If you wish to push to an existing Heroku application from a cloned Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?". After the database migration, you should seed the database if you have code in the db/seeds.rb file: +. Let’s now tell Heroku to start by building the node app using package.json, and then build the rails app. heroku buildpacks:add heroku/nodejs --index 1 heroku buildpacks:add heroku/ruby --index 2

Full Ruby on Rails Blog App Tutorial (Zero to Deploy on Heroku + , Make sure you have setup your git properly before pushing to Heroku ** Heroku needs this gem too: gem 'rails_12factor', group: :production; Add ruby '2.0​.0' to heroku run rake db:migrate heroku run rake db:seed # if you need to seed the  Why I'm writing this. I tried for over two days to install Ruby on Rails on my Windows 7 machine so that I could deploy an app to Heroku.Eventually I did it - it wasn’t hard but I needed to collate information that wasn’t easily to be found in one place.

Heroku deployment, With the command “rails new” we press the magic button to create our app's Let's seed some data in our categories table, directly inside the db/seeds.rb file. the new and edit function, to create a new Post or to update an existing Post. will be happy for sure)? Let's now deploy our code to heroku. And it's actually this rails command that will be getting us started on building our web app. 8.2.1 | Creating a New Rails Project It's finally time to create our Rails application, one that will grow up to function like the system that allowed you access to this very sentence.

Deploy Rails to Heroku, In this guide you will learn how to deploy your existing Alchemy Site on Heroku. Login with the heroku command from your command shell as Webrick is not the best choice for running rails applications in for running Alchemy) please paste the following to your db/seeds.rb . git push heroku master  If you get a failure deploying on Heroku when you run heroku run rake db:seed make sure that environment variables are set.. Our README documentation suggests to use the figaro gem with rake figaro:heroku but the gem has a bug that is pending a fix in the next figaro gem release.

  • Is there a problem pushing seeds.rb to heroku?
  • @CoderSpinoza I am very new to rails app and heroku. I am not sure if the seeds.rb has been pushed to heroku or not. Do you mean that in normal case, the seeds.rb should be pushed to heroku automiticatlly by: 'git push heroku master' and 'heroku run rake db:migrate' without any more action?
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