Getting a machine's external IP address with Python

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Looking for a better way to get a machines current external IP #... Below works, but would rather not rely on an outside site to gather the information ... I am restricted to using standard Python 2.5.1 libraries bundled with Mac OS X 10.5.x

import os
import urllib2

def check_in():

    fqn = os.uname()[1]
    ext_ip = urllib2.urlopen('').read()
    print ("Asset: %s " % fqn, "Checking in from IP#: %s " % ext_ip)

If you are behind a router which obtains the external IP, I'm afraid you have no other option but to use external service like you do. If the router itself has some query interface, you can use it, but the solution will be very environment-specific and unreliable.

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I liked the They even provide Python code for using their API.

# This example requires the requests library be installed.  You can learn more
# about the Requests library here:

from requests import get

ip = get('').text
print 'My public IP address is:', ip

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Python3, using nothing else but the standard library

As mentioned before, one can use an external service like in order to discover the external IP address of your router.

Here is how it is done with python3, using nothing else but the standard library:

import urllib.request

external_ip = urllib.request.urlopen('').read().decode('utf8')


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You should use the UPnP protocol to query your router for this information. Most importantly, this does not rely on an external service, which all the other answers to this question seem to suggest.

There's a Python library called miniupnp which can do this, see e.g. miniupnpc/

pip install miniupnpc

Based on their example you should be able to do something like this:

import miniupnpc

u = miniupnpc.UPnP()
u.discoverdelay = 200
print('external ip address: {}'.format(u.externalipaddress()))

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I prefer this Amazon AWS endpoint:

import requests
ip = requests.get('').text.strip()

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  • Yes, agree. Those Cloud Servers provided by AWS&GoogleGCP all only provide internal IP address in its local interface query. We must use external to query its public IP address.
  • This is really helpful. Thanks!
  • This should be the accepted answer.
  • Although the OP was for python 2, I think this should be the accepted answer for Python 3 because it doesn't use any third-party libs. Note however, that (and others like requests take about twice the amount of time as required by or, using the same code as this answer. The fastest and simplest response that I have found (among half a dozen) is that of
  • @Oliver Following your suggestion, I tested both and Over here in Europe, is roughly three times faster than I understand you are located in Canada.
  • Serge haha good to know that makes sense, thanks for reporting back. Yes Canada.
  • This works even when you are connected to a VPN. Thanks
  • won't work when connected to openvpn. Exception: No UPnP device discovered
  • didn't get the right IP address for me too
  • This one works over VPN, too. Great!
  • It is probably worth mentioning you need to import requests. See
  • Does not technically answer the question since "Requests officially supports Python 2.6–2.7 & 3.3–3.7, and runs great on PyPy." However, it is still useful to others.