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I need to upload all the files in the Travis root directory to an FTP server after my build steps are completed. Travis CI's documentation for custom deployment suggests using curl to send the files. Unfortunately curl FTP upload doesn't support globing, which makes a large amount of files practically impossible.

How can I make sure my whole directory, including all files and subdirs, are uploaded to FTP?

Is there an elegant way to do this or is it better to rely on tools like grunt for uploading to FTP?

  1. Use the find command to add everything except for specific folders.
  2. Add the environment variables SFTP_USER and SFTP_PASSWORD in the Settings menu.

This is my yml:

language: node_js
- find . -type d \( -path "./.*" -o -path "./node_modules" \) -prune -o -name "*" -print -exec curl --ftp-create-dirs -T {} --user ${SFTP_USER}:${SFTP_PASSWORD} \;

The Tale of FTP at Travis CI, When an FTP client initiates a data transfer command with a remote FTP server, which could be something like a directory listing or file retrieval,  Instead of integrating your app with deployment platforms like deployHQ, you can use Travis-CI to create your custom deployment process. In my case, I just need to deploy my front-end static assets up to an FTP server. Create your deploy script. I use node-ftp to do the ftp task. It is quite a easy-to-use module, the code is much like below:

The Travis doc says only that you should do this kind of stuffs in the after_success: section. The specified command is just an example.

So, do what you want from your computer, then put the sequence of commands that you used in the after_success: section.

In your case, creating an archive (with tar) and then uploading it (with curl or directly with ftp) should work, if I correctly understood your needs.

Custom Deployment - Travis CI, echo "${SFTP_KEY}" | base64 --decode >/tmp/sftp_rsa - curl --ftp-create-dirs -T have push access - ssh-add .travis/deploy_key.pem - git remote add deploy  Upload the site content Video: Deploy via FTP with Travis CI. This movie is locked and only viewable to logged-in members. Embed the preview of this course instead.

Sometimes the below link will help. Its about FTP deployment in node_js app.

Travis build with nodejs en custom ftp

Automating FTP deployment with Travis CI and Gulp, own build script. I had some trouble figuring out a good way to do FTP deployments. So, how do you upload files to FTP servers with Travis? To eliminate the problem I had with DeployBot, I had to ditch it for Travis CI — a continuous integration and delivery service that integrates with GitHub. This way I was able to remove the “deployment” branch that I had in my repository and let Travis CI do all the work of running the Gulp.js tasks for me and further deploy it to my

Use Travis CI to Update Your Website using FTP and Git, By default, I decided to use Travis CI because it has native GitHub integration. My immediate gut reaction was to use Travis' FTP file transfer  If you also think NATs, FTP, and (spoiler) HTTPS are pretty neat, you might find this interesting… A Bit of History. Until roughly mid-March of 2018 it was possible for any user of or to create a sudo-enabled Linux job that could communicate with a remote FTP server for effectively any purpose.

harvinder-power/Travis-CI-FTP-Server: Repo containing , Travis CI to upload to an FTP server. About. This is a lightweight Travis CI FTP upload client which triggers a generic JS console log script, and then pushes all  This configuration will use the “GITHUB OAUTH TOKEN” to upload “FILE TO UPLOAD” (relative to the working directory) on tagged builds. Make sure you have skip_cleanup set to true , otherwise Travis CI will delete all the files created during the build, which will probably delete what you are trying to upload.

Auto deployment to FTP server with Travis-CI – neekey, Auto deployment to FTP server with Travis-CI var Client = require('ftp'); somehow you need to workout what files you are going to upload. As per the suggestion on: travis-ci/travis-ci#3692 (comment) ElDeveloper mentioned this issue Apr 28, 2015 BLD: Testing if container connections to FTP work #1120

  • @stephanlindauer : Please, let me know if my answer helped you, or if you need more help.
  • thanks for your answer. what i actually need is a way of uploading multiple files. if i just upload a tar then have the problem of not being able to trigger uncompressing that tar from my build job. the way i do things now is to just use grunt to upload all files to my ftp server.