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I'm having trouble getting the first item from a list. The data is added to the list from a text file however, the system is returning System.Linq.Enumerable+<TakeIterator>d__25'1[System.String] instead of the first item in the list.

The following is my implementation

string[] inputData = rawInputData.Split(',');
List<string> splitData = new List<string>(inputData.Length);
var numberOfCaves = splitData.Take(1);

I am unsure as why this is happening and any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!

Retrieve the first item from a list, Just use FirstOrDefault . You can also save yourself a lot of footwork, as Split returns an array ( IEnumerable ) already. So you don't have to  If you need to get the first text value in a list (a one-column range) you can use the VLOOKUP function set to exact match, with a wildcard character for the lookup value. In the example the formula in D7 is: =

Use First or FirstOrDefault instead. These eagerly get the first item. Take uses deferred execution, so what you are actually printing is the ToString() of the iterator, not the value of the first item.

The best clue when you experience these kind of issues with LINQ is that you should assume that anything returning IEnumerable<T> is deferred (not always true though) and that anything returning a single item is eager (e.g. Max, First, Last, Single, and so on).

Python, Let's discuss certain ways to get the first and last element of the list. Method #1 : Using list index. Using the list indices inside the master list can perform this  Retrieving the first value in a list that is greater / smaller than a specified value The generic formula for finding the first number from a list that is greater than a given number is. = INDEX (list,match(TRUE,list>number,0))

Aside of First or FirstOrDefault you can also directly access the array entries.

string[] inputData = rawInputData.Split(',');
string first = inputData[0];
string second = inputData[1];

But you have to make sure that the array index you access really exists. Otherwise you get an Exception for accessing non existent entry.

Get first and last elements from ArrayList in Java, If we know how to get the size of ArrayList then we can get those two values easily. But remember, that you java program print first and last element of a List​. To return items from a list, use the GetItemById() method to return a single item, or the GetItems(CamlQuery) method to return multiple items. You then use the Load<T>(T, []) method to attain list item objects that represent the items. Retrieving items from a list

How to get first and last elements from ArrayList in Java?, How do I find the first element of a list? first create a variable containing the first four values then using the extend () function extend the tlats four values with the first value the return the variable extended as follows: def rt (lis): first4 = lis [:4] last4 = lis [-4:] last4.extend (first4) return (last4) Vittorio Somaschini. 33,367 Points.

How to get the first element of each tuple in a list in Python, How do you get the first value in a list Python? Copies the list. Can return a subset. Also, if you are performing many pop (0), you should look at collections.deque. from collections import deque >>> l = deque( ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']) >>> l.popleft() 'a' >>> l deque( ['b', 'c', 'd']) Provides higher performance popping from left end of the list. share.

Get first element in list, How do you print the last value in a list Python? List<string> list1 = new List<string>(); list1[0] //for getting the first element of the list

  • As a side note, result can never be null here.