Is it possible to have several different textcolors in one textarea?

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I'd like several words / phases in a textarea to appear in different colors... How would I go about doing this? Below is an example, I'd like the word green to appear green etc etc...

<textarea style="width: 100%; height: 100%; resize: none;">
Is it possible to have multiple colors in a textarea? 
How would i set certain phases or words to be different colors? 

Is it possible to have several different textcolors in one textarea , I want to change the text color of textarea into black using css? Below is the name On the page I have multiple textareas. I want to target only one textarea? are these codes no, there exists no pseudo-class :right-answer. Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; Is it possible to have several different textcolors in one textarea? You can't do this inside a <textarea>, not

You cannot do this with a textarea or input tag. However, as @naikus mentioned, you can use the contenteditable attribute. It is as follows:

<div id="mytxt" contenteditable="true">
   Hello, my name is <span style="color: blue;">Bob</span>
   and I have a friend name <span style="color: green;">Joe</span>.

<div id="mytxt" contenteditable="true">
       Hello, my name is <span style="color: blue;">Bob</span> and I have a friend name <span style="color: green;">Joe</span>.

How to change text font color of textarea? - HTML & CSS, > . The good news is, with some carefully crafted CSS and JavaScript, you can fake it. no TextArea does not support multiple colors.and because of plugin download time u can't use swing. in such a case u'll have to do something on your own. here is a link that can give you some direction

I don't think its possible to do that with a textarea and html alone. What you need is a Rich Text box You can either roll your own by modifying an iframe, or use the popular ones available

Other option you can have when you target html5 enabled browsers is the contentEditable attribute. You can use it to make a textbox-like control

Highlight Text Inside a Textarea / Coder's Block, How do I change the color of one letter in HTML? Right a text area can only have one foreground color and one background color at any given time. Hence the suggestion to use a JEditorPane or JTextPane. If you want several different text colors in a single component, you're definitely going to need a more sophisticated component than a JTextArea.

Change color of one character in a text box HTML/CSS, attribute is not set on an element, the element will inherit it from its parent. well i don't know what you need to do if u use swing but i made one using AWT (you can't type in it just tell it to display lines and it can scroll) for my chat application i used a canvas and manualy paint all teh stirngs using drawstring after cutitng them to fit on one line.

You can't do this with default html controls. You can use Rich Text Box editors to get what you want, for example check this question:

What is the best rich textarea editor for jQuery?

HTML Global contenteditable Attribute, You can't actually highlight text in a <textarea>. It's not hard to imagine other applications for this sort of “find and A bit more JavaScript will make that both elements scroll as one. However , you can fake it by carefully positioning a div behind the textarea and adding your highlight markup there. Styling multiple line text input controls (textarea elements) with CSS. This demo page is related to the article Styling form controls with CSS, revisited. For more info on the purpose of this page, please read the article. Each multiple line text input control consists of this HTML: <textarea cols="20" rows="3"></textarea>

How to make certain words in an HTML text field change color, Use JavaScript to place a layer over the text area and color the text with <span (Probably the most realistic and simplest); There are probably some other  JTextArea with two different text colors Hello, i have looked around the forum to find this answer but no luck. does anyone know if it is poissble to have two colors for text on a jtextarea. I used jtextarea.setforeground(Color.RED) but it changeds the color of all the text in the jtextarea.

Programming Flex 3: The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Rich , When there are many thumbs, you must use the values property, which is an array of values. However, the interface for a numeric stepper is quite different from that of a The following simple example uses a color picker and a text area. Select the cell you want to apply multiple font colors or fonts, then get into the cell with pressing the F2 key (or just double click the cell). 2. Select the text you need to use different font colors or fonts, click Home > Font Color or Font in the Font group, then specify the certain font color or font you need.

Flash 8 Cookbook, Discussion There are two ways you can work with multiple lines of text within Flash : a text area component and a text field instance that has been configured to  Unity ID. A Unity ID allows you to buy and/or subscribe to Unity products and services, shop in the Asset Store and participate in the Unity community.

  • Sure you can! in-fact what you call a "rich text-box" editor is an editable div, highlighted using CSS or inline-styling (all of WordPress plugins, MCE and editors work this way. See answer below.
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