How do I install debian stretch with vagrant?

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I try to start a Debian stretch box with vagrant on Mac OSX. I changed the box to fujimakishouten/debian-stretch64 to install this box:

But I get the error: the box cannot be found.

How can I create a stretch Debian VM with vagrant?

As of now the box debian/stretch64 is listed at

Vagrant box debian/stretch64, An updated package will be made available via "stretch-updates" in the near future ( this means this base box version will appear as a 9.1 release when looking  Install Vagrant on Debian 9 Stretch. Step 1. Before we install any software, it’s important to make sure your system is up to date by running these following apt-get commands in the Step 2. Installing VirtualBox. First, Add VirtualBox repository: Step 3. Installing Vagrant on Debian 9. This is

As described here: Vagrant box could not be found or could not be accessed in the remote catalog - incompatible curl version

There seems to be an issue with vagrant 1.8.7 and the embedded curl version vs the mac os binary (shipped by default on mac os Sierra and others) - remove the embedded one

sudo mv /opt/vagrant/embedded/bin/curl /var/tmp/

This, and using another box:

solved this for me.

How to Install Vagrant on Debian 9, Vagrant is an open-source command-line tool for building and managing virtual machine environments. This tutorial explains how to install  Installing an OS with the command line interface using the Vagrant is extremely simple as it does everything by itself. Once the file is modified give the below-given command vagrant up and this will start the installation of the OS Debian.

You can use the box debian/testing64.

From and it's based on stretch.

How To Install Vagrant on Debian 9 Stretch, In this tutorial we will show you how to install Vagrant on Debian 9 Stretch, as well as some extra required by Vagrant. How to Install Vagrant on Debian 9 Prerequisites #. Logged in as a user with sudo privileges. Have a VirtualBox installed. Install Vagrant on Debian #. The Vagrant package, which is available in Debian’s repositories, is pretty outdated. We’ll Getting Started with Vagrant #. Now that Vagrant is

You can also use the box generic/debian9 a.k.a stretch available at

To be more specific in term of vagrant commands, for fresh installation you can do

vagrant init generic/debian9
vagrant up

or in vagrant file put

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "generic/debian9"

Though, your issue was something else as you mentioned in you answer, but considering the title of question, this might help others (like me trying to install stretch). Thanks!

Create a Debian 9 Stretch Vagrant Box - by Scott Gilbertson, Why you'd want to install, setup and configure a tool like Packer to build one base box is a mystery to me. It's far faster to do it yourself by hand (  A complete guide to creating your own custom Vagrant base box using Debian 9 Stretch Create a Debian 9 Virtual Machine in Virtualbox. We’re going to use Virtualbox as our Vagrant provider because, while I Install Debian. To get Debian installed first click the start button for your new VM and

How do I install debian stretch with vagrant?, As of now the box debian/stretch64 is listed at Vagrant goes through the following steps when it creates the VM: Imports the debian/buster64 base box and uses it to create a new VM Configures the networking of the new VM Boots the VM, and waits for the booting to complete Uses SSH to connect to the VM, and replaces the SSH key in the VM (more on

Setting up a Debian Vagrant box on Windows 10 with VirtualBox , If you still want to use Stretch, replace everywhere that it says Once you've got Vagrant and VirtualBox installed, you're going to want to  How to Install Vagrant in Debian Linux 64 bits. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Adding a GUI to a Debian Vagrant box, In the second post, I describe how to install the VirtualBox Guest Note: this blog post was written with Debian 9 Stretch, but I've tested it with  / Packages / stretch (oldstable) / admin / vagrant package names descriptions source package names package contents all options [ jessie ] [ stretch ] [ stretch-backports ] [ buster ] [ bullseye ] [ sid ]

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  • if you are using osx + vagrant 1.8.7, check the duplicate question, it should work for you
  • @FrédéricHenri: thanks, that solved it